How to Write about Myself in English

The practice shows that it is easier to learn at once how to write about myself in English than to address a great number of tutorials and guidelines. Although there are no strict rules of self-presentation, I have developed my own strategy that helps me to recall how to write about myself in English in such a way that the description would be both consistent and interesting. Knowing how to create a good presentation of oneself is a lifelong skill that would appear beneficial in many cases: while enrolling at the course, getting acquainted with the group, or starting a new career path.

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Every student, especially those coming from abroad, are asked to introduce themselves and, having such an experience for several times, I can tell that there are few useful tips one may follow. First of all, there are common questions that may be answered at the beginning of the self-introduction such as:

  • What is your name?
  • What is your age?
  • What is your hobby?
  • What do you do?
  • Why did you chose to become a specialist in your sphere?

Depending on the recipient of the self-presentation, one should take into consideration the style (formal, semi-formal, and informal) and tone in order to create an appropriate impression on the reader. Another piece of advice is to check the grammar and spelling and make the precise word choice. It is also important to bear in mind the fact that the self-presentation should be concise and broken into logical units not to seem too jumbled. It goes without saying that the self-presentation should not be filled with the superfluous and extraordinary words. Instead, one should concentrate on the content making the ideal flow smoothly and logically.

To make it possible, it is advised to follow the proposed structure of the self-presentation. Imagine your English 101 teacher assigned you to write a self-presentation what would you begin with? It is advisable to start from the basic information talking about the gender, age, type of occupation, city of origin, and enumeration of the family members. The second paragraph should include a more specific information. In case you are a freshman/woman, you can explain why you have decided to join that particular college or university or what motivated you to work on the higher proficiency and acquiring education in the sphere you have opted. The third paragraph may include the description of the vision on the next following years or the professional prospects; here one should talk about the plans and wishes.

One can also share a funny story or valuable experience, it is absolutely optional and up to the person. One usually tells a funny event from his or her life as an ice-breaker that would show his/her personality and character.

  • summarizing, one should keep in mind the following pieces of advice:
  • be logical and understandable
  • be creative
  • check grammar and spelling
  • highlight the positive traces of your character
  • follow the structure of the essay
  • attempt to make a positive impression on a reader.

To conclude, a written self-presentation is an art that can be easily learned all one should do is to follow several simple rules such as to check the text for the grammar mistakes and make the content interesting. In such way one is able to create a positive impression beforehand.

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