Perfect PhD Thesis Topics for Everybody

Choosing among topics for PhD thesis is probably the most important choice you are going to make while in university. It defines the direction in which your life is going to move for years ahead – that is why it is so important to consider only the best PhD thesis topics when you make this decision.

10 Excellent PhD Thesis Topics

You don’t know what makes a worthy topic? Take a look at this list of popular PhD thesis topics to get an idea – they cover a wide variety of subjects but still have plenty in common:

  1. Enhancing Academic Performance through Sport and Physical Education
  2. Interconnection between Language Learning and Identity
  3. Absurd, Nonsense and Antirealism in ‘The Hunting of the Snark’
  4. Rhetoric in Alliterative Arthurian Verse
  5. Peculiarities of Learning Mathematics via Online Homework System
  6. Acquisition and Processing of Formulaic Language
  7. Access Controls of Connected Datasets in the Cloud
  8. The Role of Emotion in Aging and Cognitive Control
  9. Dynamics of Shoreline Change in Reef Islands
  10. Representation of Criminality in Modern British Literature

It doesn’t matter what discipline you study, your topic should be of immediate interest; research something that wasn’t researched before and offer some insight into the theme. If you are interested, we may show you how to find such topics on your own.

5 Strategies for Choosing Your Thesis Topic

There is no magic in finding ideas for your thesis – it is a matter of learning several tricks and whole-heartedly applying them to your studies.

1. Read Several Theses on Related Topics

It will help you get into context, get acquainted with research styles that work and probably will give you an idea on which to build your work.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Experts for Advice

Primarily it refers to your advisor, but there are plenty of people who may be happy to help. You’ll go to them anyway, so it is better to start before you commit yourself to any particular topic.

3. Choose a Topic You Care about

You are going to spend at least a couple of years working on your thesis – so it is worth spending an extra months trying to invent a topic you will actually enjoy dealing with.

4. Don’t Be Over-Ambitious

If you select a topic that is too broad or exceeds your research capabilities, you may spend years trying to bring it to conclusion and still fail to achieve satisfactory results.

5. Look through Your Old Research

Ideally you should have chosen your Master’s topic so that you could build on it and use it as a basis for a PhD thesis. But even if you didn’t plan for it, you may still get some inspiration.
It doesn’t matter if you are working on English language studies, history, chemistry or any other discipline – general principles will be the same. And if you ever encounter problems you cannot overcome on your own, you can always use the order form down here. Just place your order, and your troubles will be a thing of the past.

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*Note: If you have any topic suggestions, share your ideas with others by leaving blog comments with your topic. We will instantly add interesting ones to the list.

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