Topics for Essays in English

If you want to learn how to be good at writing, you will have to write – it is that simple. Without a great deal of practice you will never improve your skills – however, there is a way to greatly improve your chances of getting a good grade without putting words together day in and day out. Learn how to choose proper English essay topics, and you will see that even a mediocre essay will be seen in a much more favorable light.

Make sure your topics for English essay are fascinating, engaging and deal with issues of immediate relevance. Take a look at these and you will see what we are talking about:

  1. The Impact of Social Networks on Modern Life
  2. Sexual Education in Schools: Pros and Cons
  3. Should Narcotic Drugs Be Legalized?
  4. Should Mankind Get Rid of Paper Money to Save Forests?
  5. Zoos: Harmless Institutions or Animal Rights Violation?
  6. How Justified Are the Salaries of Professional Actors and Sportsmen?
  7. Nuclear Weapons: Threat to Our Survival or Peacekeeping Mechanism?
  8. Should Junk Food Be Taxed the Same Way Tobacco Is?
  9. Space Exploration: a Great Potential or an Enormous Money Sink?
  10. Is Death Penalty an Effective Means of Keeping Crime under Control?

See what we mean? All of these English language essay topics relate to issues one cannot be indifferent to, which means they immediately spark a debate and, therefore – interest. They are perfect if you want to learn how to express your opinions in writing. Have trouble inventing a topic for your own essay? Listen to what we have to say.

5 Ways to Choose an Essay Topic

Remember – your essay is always only as good as your topic is. Choose a topic that is boring, or offensive, or awkward, and you will ruin your chances of getting a good grade. So approach the choice carefully.

1. Brainstorm

Many people get their brains moving when they start writing. So write down all the ideas that appear in your head, ask people around for their suggestions, and you can stumble on something really good.

2. Read the News

The best topics are always hot ones – and what is the best way to find something everybody talks about than listening to this talking?

3. Go with Your Forte in the Subject

You know what your strong suit in this subject is – perhaps it is better to stick to it?

4. Ask Your Friends about Topics They Considered but Decided Against

Something that didn’t suit them may be just what the doctor ordered for you.

5. Choose the Topics You Believe in

It is always easier to write about things you genuinely believe in than to feign interest.

Following these tips probably won’t make your writing ideal in a day, but they will get you moving in the right direction. And if you still find it difficult – you are always welcome on our website. Just click the order form below, and you won’t have to think about writing anymore!

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*Note: If you have any topic suggestions, share your ideas with others by leaving blog comments with your topic. We will instantly add interesting ones to the list.

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