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If you are writing an admissions essay for the school of your choice, you should approach the selection of topic even more carefully than usual, for it may define your entire future career. MBA style essays often set questions loosely enough for you to choose business essay topics, but more often than not it is a curse rather than a blessing. Anybody who had to choose MBA essay topics will agree it may be a real nuisance.

But you don’t have to treat it this way! An essay should be a way to express your knowledge, not a reason for depression. And if you know how to choose business related essay topics, then writing will get much easier as well. Take a look:

  1. Pre-employment Drug Tests: Reasonable Measure or Rights Violation?
  2. Gun Control: Consequences for Firearms Industry
  3. How European Debt Crisis Influences Small Businesses in the USA?
  4. How Effective Is SOPA as Anti-Piracy Measure?
  5. Mergers and Acquisitions: What Is Better and for Whom?
  6. Effects of NAFTA on Employment in the USA
  7. The Importance of Leadership in Business Environment
  8. Western and Eastern Business: Fundamental Differences
  9. Can Viral Marketing Replace All Other Kinds?
  10. Does Labor Turnover Reflect Employees’ Loyalty?

Aren’t they awesome? Each deals with questions narrow enough to cover but broad enough to find decent information about. Each dwells upon something that happens in the world at this moment and allows both for research and expression of personal opinion. Want to create excellent essay topics for admissions on your own? We will tell you how.

4 Strategies for Choosing a Business Essay Topic

Of all the questions you have to ask yourself “What will my topic be?” is the most important one. Quite often the fate of your application is decided at the moment admissions committee reads the title. So here is what you have to do.

1. Look through Your Textbook

Sometimes the answer is right here under your nose. Something that attracted your attention, something that you felt wasn’t sufficiently covered, for example.

2. Think about Something You’ve Read or Heard Recently

If you pay attention, you will find fascinating business ideas that can be used in application essays almost anywhere. An original marketing campaign, a new product – things along these lines.

3. Draw from Something Relevant to Your Own Life

Personal experiences are the all-time favorite in admissions essays for many schools. If you can give your essay a personal touch, don’t miss the chance.

4. Choose a Broad Topic and Whittle It down

An essay is very limited in terms of size – so make sure it won’t be spread too thin. Start with a general topic and narrow it down until you are comfortable with it.

These tips are clear-cut and easy to follow – and by sticking to them you will greatly improve your chances of getting into a school of your choice. But if you want to improve them even more – don’t hesitate to click the order form below – we are always waiting for you!

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