Sample Essay on the Sleep Loss: How the Issue Impacts College Students?

sleepingStudents have various difficulties on their way to get the desired education. Unfortunately, some of them are health complications. One of the most common and obvious health problems is sleep loss. There are multiple factors that lead to sleep disturbances. However, the common ones are abnormal stress associated with great pressure and too many excess hours spent on the performance of different kinds of academic tasks and duties.

Of course, the violations of the normal sleep regime are no good. They trigger lots of problems of different nature. Undoubtedly, they negatively influence the academic progress because sooner or later students stop enduring great tension and cannot cope with their assignments.

Here are some most vital as well as dangerous issues that impact college students when they suffer from sleep deprivations. Physical exhaustion is the most widespread among students. The normal slumber for each human ranges between 7 to 10 hours per day. If sleeping each night less than that time, you will gradually lose your strength and will get exhausted. This will trigger other health deviations. Chronic ailments is another problem. Sleep deficiency is related to the appearance of many chronic diseases, which may be heart complications, kidney disease, an increase in blood pressure, diabetes, and some other. It is worth mentioning an increased risk of accidents. Due to exhaustion, people lose proper focus and attention. They get easily tired and dizzy. Thus, sleep deprivation led to thousands of different accidents, which had bad consequences.

Professors also admit the lowering of higher brain functions. Sleep loss will lower your thinking skills. You will become slower in actions and thinking. You will experience violated abilities to concentrate, and your memory capacity will decrease as well. These processes are important for your learning skills and may sufficiently lower your rating.

Students complain of lowered sex drive. This is another crucial consequence, which is especially important for young people. Your stamina will reduce, and you may experience different kinds of sexual instability. This would involve some psychological issues.

Mental deviations are the things students should worry about. Sleep insufficiency leads to mental complications as well. One of the most widely spread is depression. However, you may likewise get overly anxious, irritated, aggressive, and receive some other behavioral deviations.

Girls mention skin aging and excess weight. Many studies prove that it makes our skin get older much faster than it should be. You may also have problems with your weight. In most occasions, people who are deprived of normal sleep tend to gain excess weight.

It is obvious that the list mentioned above gives a very plain image of how crucial sleep loss is. It affects students in various ways and leads to severe health problems. It goes without saying that any problems with health will have a negative influence on your academic progress.

Regardless of how complicated your tasks are, you should always find time for the proper sleep. Otherwise, there would be no sense for you to succeed.


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