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omaha beachThe war between Russia and Georgia was a major event in modern history. Many have called it the first European war of the 21st century. The event that had caused great destabilization in the regional sphere of influence and reassertion of the balance of power over the territory of former Soviet union states.

The Russo-Georgian conflict had many reasons, it would be an erroneous supposition to think that it was just a conflict between Georgia proper and the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast, de facto controlled by Russia. We must read between the lines and bring a bit of lucidity. There was already an ongoing conflict between Ossetian separatists and Georgian military forces since the 90s. The Ossetians had been raiding Georgian villages while the Georgians had been bombarding separatists’ positions. The will to break away was strong as never before. The Russian Federation was recently aggravated by NATO’s expanding to former communist states such as Poland, Hungary and even former USSR states such as Latvia and Estonia in 1998 (despite the US and NATO leaders promised not to expand there). Russian government really feared of being beset and encircled by NATO military. The major breaking point in Russo-Georgian relations was a pro-Western revolution in Georgia in 2003, which made the ball rolling. Since then, diplomatic relations between two countries began to deteriorate and reached its crisis in April 2008. One more significant reason for the aggression was the violation of Russian interests in international arena, to be exact in Kosovo. The basis of post-World War II European policy was the principle of unchangeable borders, so that to prevent any possible conflicts. It was violated with Kosovo separating from Serbia despite Russia asked in many ways that Kosovo not be given real independence, but an informal autonomous state instead. According to Russian officials, such an act could have led to many Russian autonomous regions and republics demanding independence. So Russia sought to realize their influence and South Ossetia was the perfect place. The idea was that if Kosovo could become independent under European rule so South Ossetia could become independent under Russian one.

By the 1st August, 2008 separatists of South Ossetia began to shell Georgian settlements, Georgians responded sporadically. Six days later the Georgian army was sent to settle the conflict. In several hours they had managed to take over most of the regions and Tskhinvali – the separatists’ center. On the 8th of August Russia had accused Georgia in aggression against South Ossetia and sent the forces with the aim of settling peace over the area, launching a massive air, land and sea invasion of Georgia. After several days of combat, Georgian forces had to retreat from Ossetia. In the following events Russian and Abkhaz forces opened a second front by attacking Georgia from West and blockading Georgian Black Sea coastline. A ceasefire agreement was made on 12th of August with the help of Nicolas Sarkozy. Russian forces occupied several Georgian cities beyond the ceasefire.

In the aftermath, Russian international relations remained relatively unharmed, though thousands of people were displaced and hundred villages burnt. It was an example of how ethnic conflicts are boosted by the tension on the borderlands of spheres of influence.


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