Research Paper Topics for University

Even if you have acquired a certain familiarity with academic writing yet at school, university assignments are another pair of shoes entirely. University professors have much higher requirements to what they are ready to accept than schoolteachers do, and finding interesting research topics for university may turn into a real problem.

Luckily for you, if you do know how to choose your topics, there will be no need to spend hours upon hours in the library – a good topic means a good first impression, and professors often just skim over the rest of the text. If you don’t know how good term paper topics for university students are supposed to look like, here is the list of samples:

  1. Possible Results of Overpopulation in the Near Future
  2. Are Social Media Akin to Addictive Drugs?
  3. Are There Situations in Which Wiretapping May Be Justified?
  4. War on Terror: Are We Losing or Winning It?
  5. How Justified Are Current Invasive Airport Security Measures?
  6. Wind Energy: Is it Practical in Reality?
  7. Single-Sex Schools: Do They Show Better or Worse Results?
  8. History and Reasons of Conflicts in the Middle East
  9. Steroids: Benefits vs. Dangers
  10. Noise Damage: Consequences and Possible Countermeasures

Don’t you just want to start writing a paper on one of these topics right now? They all allow you to use massive bodies of evidence, deal with issues that are relevant right now, cover diverse areas of expertise – in other words, these are good research topics for university. Want to know how to invent one on your own? We’ll help you!

4 Signs of a Quality Research Paper Topic

Many students pay very little attention to the topic of the paper they are writing. Which is wrong – if you choose the topic right, you have 50% of your task done. Let’s take a look at what makes a topic successful.

1. Relevant

It should have some grounding in what is happening in the world at the moment – reader’s eyes will automatically gravitate to a paper dealing with today’s burning issues.

2. Not too Broad

When dealing with something you are enthusiastic about, you may be tempted to tell all about it. Don’t – a narrow but deep research is always valued higher than sprawling but superficial one.

3. Not too Narrow

Narrowing down the topic of your paper you risk running into another extreme and making it too specific. It will make for uninteresting reading and can create difficulties for finding relevant information.

4. Consistent

Prepare the plan beforehand and follow it through. Don’t jump from issue to issue; lead the reader to conclusion step by step.

These tips may look a little bit simplistic, but if you really use them you will find out that they work. And anyway – if you run into any kind of academic trouble ever again, you may simply choose one of the topics presented before or ask us for help – the order form is right here below, just click it and we will help you out.

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*Note: If you have any topic suggestions, share your ideas with others by leaving blog comments with your topic. We will instantly add interesting ones to the list.

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    Structural Theory of Probability, New Developments from Computer Science Development

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    I need help we need to come up with a research topic and question relating to Los angeles. I am trying to make affiliated with Hollywood. This is for my english class. We read Southland novel and watched the movie Crash. we discuss mostly on race in class if that helps.

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