Research and Term Paper Topics for Graduates in 2015-2016

So, you are about to choose a topic for your Master’s paper and don’t know where to start? Or maybe you just are about to come up with ideas for masters research papers topics? The longer students study, the harder it is for them to find a good issue or its single aspect that hasn’t been explored by many. Higher education is not a joke, and the trouble with a solution to which we are happy to share. We’ve compiled a free list of 10 sample topics that will be very handy when you are in search of a good title for your writing.

10 Masters Research Paper Topic Samples

Below is the list of 10 popular research paper topics for masters which you might find useful if you are graduating in 2016. You can change the titles a little or shift the focus; in any case, be free to use them.

  1. The Relationship Between Facial Hair and Competitiveness in Men
  2. Sustainability and Use of Green Technology in Urban Construction Projects
  3. Psychoanalytic Interpretation of Space-Themed Films (i.e. Interstellar and Gravity)
  4. The Role of Gender Identification in Socialization of Preschool Children
  5. Technological Means for Crowdsourcing of Local Projects
  6. Shared Economy as an Instrument of Liberal Democracy
  7. The Relationship Between Job Performance and Supervisors’ Feedback in College Professors
  8. Postmodernist Philosophers’ Approach to Homosexuality
  9. The Subtle Difference Between Medicalization and Pathologization
  10. The Relationship of People’s Attitude Towards Homosexual Marriages and Their Worldviews

Did you like the topics above? They are just examples of what you can write about in your research paper. The topics we’ve suggested are limited to particular disciplines. However, you can follow a few key principles and select your own masters term paper topics which will suit you the best. Just see our tips below, and you will pick a winning topic easily.

5 Tips for a Successful Master’s Research Paper Topic

While Master students are already skilled in academic writing and can submit papers one by one in a relatively fast manner (of course, when there are a few papers to submit, not dozens), choosing a good topic gets harder. Still, it is much easier when you look at it from a slightly different angle. If you follow the tips below, we guarantee you that you’ll become a master (no pun intended) in choosing winning topics for your research papers.

1. Think of an Area of Studies That You Are Exceptionally Passionate about

This will make it much easier for you to both come up with a great title and write the paper itself. Besides, every student is different, and something that you know really well seem like dark woods to your groupmate.

2. Look at the Instructor’s’ Topic Preferences

When you are starting your Masters project, you need an instructor. The problem is that every professor has his or her favorite area of research. Once you’ve chosen the instructor, you stick to his or her topics.

3. Pick a General Topic for a Start

It is always easier to begin with something general and then break it down to something narrower. This is what the next tip is for.

4. Do a Preliminary Research

You need a research to know your options and possibilities. After you browse a number of sources and process a fair amount of information, you will better know different aspects of your topic.

5. Narrow down Your Topic to a More Specific One

Deconstruct it or place it in a specific context and you will get a specific problem that you can research, analyze, or explore. Do not try to answer too many questions in your paper, do a thorough in-depth research instead.

Those are universal tips for every masters student who is about to start some major paper. They will help you most of the time. However, if you have run out of ideas for your masters topics, or if you need any assistance with the paper itself, don’t hesitate to get some from professionals. Just use the order form below, and we will provide you with the best advice or find any other way to help you.

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*Note: If you have any topic suggestions, share your ideas with others by leaving blog comments with your topic. We will instantly add interesting ones to the list.

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