20 Topics for Politics Papers: What Worries People the Most?

womanStudents certainly have a lot on their plates – from last-minute study sessions for that big final exam to writing tomes of research papers and figuring out how to pay for soul-crushing student loans. Yet politics is another area of concern, and students are no stranger to political turmoil. In fact, student involvement in the Vietnam War has made a significant impact on the progression of our country. By writing a paper about a topic that you and your fellow students feel strongly about, you may be opening the door to further inquiry about issues that need to be resolved. In fact, most political change has been created and inspired by young students studying these types of issues in college classes and through extracurricular activities. Here are some great ideas for political papers if you’re looking to write a college-level paper that truly makes a difference.

  1. Should Public Institutions Offer Free Tuition to In- Or Out- of State Students? What Requirements Should There Be for This to Occur, Both to Students and Taxpayers?
  2. How Can the Government Increase the Availability of Jobs So That They Will Be Available When I Graduate?
  3. How Can Healthcare Be Made More Affordable During College Years – and Beyond?
  4. How Can Students Be Better Prepared for College after Leaving High School, Both Academically and Otherwise?
  5. How Can College and Workplace Discrimination Against Religious, Gender, and Cultural Minorities Be Prevented and Addressed?
  6. How Does Corruption Influence Campaign Financing and Political Elections?
  7. How Should the Government Deal With Issues Such As Access to Birth Control?
  8. What Impact Does Abortion Have on College Completion Rates?
  9. How Can the Government Reduce Housing Expenses?
  10. How Can the Government Help to Influence LGBTQ Equality on College Campuses and Beyond?
  11. How Can Colleges Be Made More Affordable for all Students?
  12. Should Minimum Wage Be Raised — or Lowered? What Impact Would This Change Have?
  13. Is College Even Worth It?
  14. How Can The Cost Of Healthcare Be Lowered While Increasing Access for All?
  15. Why Are Labor Unions Significant for College Students?
  16. Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered Back Down to 18?
  17. How Should Good Samaritan Laws Be Adjusted to Accommodate for Drinking and Drug Concerns on College Campuses?
  18. How Has the Government Handled Issues of Sexual Assault?
  19. How Should the Government Address Religious Tensions on College Campuses?
  20. What Is the “Privilege” Gap and How Does It Address College Students?

When considering a topic to write for your politically-focused research paper, it’s best to hone in on the topics you personally care about most. Choose a topic that is near and dear to you, or your paper won’t sound genuine. Take the time to investigate issues that are commonly discussed (perhaps even protested, studied in classes, or addressed by campus groups) at your school. Consider interviewing fellow classmates and professors to find out what topics relate to them most. A closely researched close-to-the-heart topic will produce an excellent, profound body of work.

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