Sample Essay on What Students Refer to in Order to Be Able to Pay for College

houseIf you have to write a paper on the alternative methods college students engage in to be able to earn some extra cash, and you are not sure how to structure your paper, you can use this sample for guidance.

Life in college is not as easy as most people imagine it to be. The society expects college students to excel in their endeavors, and this puts a lot of pressure on the poor kids. The situation is amplified further by the fact that college students are almost always broke and as such, they have very little cash for their daily activities. Students are expected to do with their loans and contributions from their parents. These resources, however, are not always enough as student’s needs keep changing with each passing day. To finance their ever-growing needs, students are forced to get creative to earn extra cash. Here are some of the activities college students get involved in being in college to be able to earn some extra money.

Online work is a lucrative source of cash for college students. There are a lot of jobs online that students can engage in without having to leave their campus areas. Such jobs include freelance writing, transcription, data entry, and coding. Students can also work as virtual assistants, and the only thing they need to perform these tasks is a computer and a stable internet connection. The pay is good for some of these jobs, and one can earn in excess of $20 per hour as a virtual assistant.

Babysitting is another activity that students engage in to earn money in their free time. If you can sacrifice a few hours over the weekend, a couple can pay you to babysit their young ones. Some families would even pay you to walk their dog or housesit when they are away. Students can earn from $10 up to $100 a night for their efforts.

Students also take part-time jobs to be able to earn some extra cash. These jobs can be anything from waiting tables to working as an office assistant. Since the students are busy during the day, the only time they can work in these jobs is in the evening and over the weekend. The pay for these part-time jobs depends on the nature of the job with professional technical firms paying more than those in the service industry.

Some students also resort to selling their stuff online to be able to generate some cash. Some choose to sell their items on social media handles such as Facebook and Instagram. E-Commerce stores such as eBay and Etsy have also been relied upon for this purpose. Items that usually fetch students tidy sums include collectibles and jewelry with clothing items and books performing moderately.

For these activities provide students with the opportunities to make some extra cash, they should make sure that they are not over-engaged in them to the extent of failing their classes. Choose your side hustles wisely.


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