20 Topics for Papers in Science: World-Famous Inventions and Discoveries Made in Winter

ChemistryWinter is a beautiful time of the year. Apart from the Christmas mood, holidays, and warm evenings with family, there is snow, cool types of sports, and different destinations that look like fairy tales. And there are various interesting facts that really fascinate: despite the tropical climate, places like Hawaii or the Sahara Desert can experience snowfalls. What is more, when January comes, the Earth appears to be in the closest position to the sun. It sounds absurd, but there are a lot of things that can surprise you.

In addition to these exciting facts and scientific explanations that stand behind them, there is much more – a great deal of scientific discoveries and inventions were made during this cold season. If you or your friends were born on the same dates with these important events, it will be even a greater cause to celebrate harder. And, while you’re already building plans for upcoming parties, we will present you a list of 20 topics on different inventions and discoveries that were made in winter.

  1. The Invention of the Telescope and the Perfections Galileo Made on December 3, 1621
  2. How the Car Industry Looked Like When the Volkswagen Trademark Was Registered
  3. How Mark Twain Patented Suspenders While Being a Brilliant Writer
  4. Magneto-Electric Machine: Discovery and Patent by Thomas Edison
  5. Who Created a Game Monopoly and What Was the Basis of It?
  6. How the Invention of the Endoscope Changed the Medicine in December 1918
  7. Walther Meissner and His Meissner Effect: The Discovery Important to Magnetic Fields
  8. The Discovery of Sulfuric Acid by John Glover on February 2, 1817
  9. The First Heavier-Than-Air Craft Flight in 1841: Clement Ader and His Invention
  10. How the First Maxim Gun Was Invented in February 1840
  11. The Ramsauer-Townsend Effect: The Cooperation of Gas and Atoms
  12. How the Sound Barrier Was Broken by Chuck Yeager
  13. The Artificial Kidney of the XX Century Invented in 1911
  14. The Creation of Ferrari in February of the XIX Century
  15. Heinrich Hertz – the First Man to Send and Get Radio Waves
  16. The Solution for the Blind: Braille Reading System Invented in January 1809
  17. The Creation of the Safety Razor and How It Changed the Life of Men
  18. Stephen Hawking Theories of Baby Universes and Black Holes, and How Public Accepted Them
  19. How LCD Was Synthesized: The Story of Albert Hofmann and the Big Day of January 11, 1906
  20. The Inventor of the First Film with Sound – Eugene Augustin Lauste

These topics will help you remember and appreciate the legacy that all of these amazing people left. So, choose one of the ideas that you like most, modify the title if you want and voila – you don’t need to spend hours racking your brain over good ideas for academic papers. Just use our list, and you’re all set for several years ahead. You’re welcome!

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