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Hilarious Newspaper Headlines as Inspiration for Essay Topics

inspiration for essay topicsHave you ever asked yourself why among the newspaper headlines, especially in a yellower kind of print media, there are so many absurd, weird and plain stupid phrases? “City unsure why the sewer smells”. “One-armed man applauds the kindness of strangers”. “Man accused of killing lawyer receives a new attorney”. Who in his right mind could have missed such an obvious silliness and let it go into print? Continue reading

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3 Vital Sources to Look for Essay Topics

Have you ever cursed your tutor for giving you an unimaginably boring, obscure and unwieldy essay topic? Surely you could have done much better if you were given an opportunity to choose what to write about.

But you know what? Whatever topic your tutor gives you, he probably does you a favor, because choosing a topic on your own is one of the most difficult things in academic writing. When you are given a topic, you are given a direction and build your essay up from there. When you are given a free reign, you have to think about everything from scratch. Continue reading

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