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20 Topics for Papers in Science: World-Famous Inventions and Discoveries Made in Winter

ChemistryWinter is a beautiful time of the year. Apart from the Christmas mood, holidays, and warm evenings with family, there is snow, cool types of sports, and different destinations that look like fairy tales. And there are various interesting facts that really fascinate: despite the tropical climate, places like Hawaii or the Sahara Desert can experience snowfalls. What is more, when January comes, the Earth appears to be in the closest position to the sun. It sounds absurd, but there are a lot of things that can surprise you.

In addition to these exciting facts and scientific explanations that stand behind them, there is much more – a great deal of scientific discoveries and inventions were made during this cold season. If you or your friends were born on the same dates with these important events, it will be even a greater cause to celebrate harder. And, while you’re already building plans for upcoming parties, we will present you a list of 20 topics on different inventions and discoveries that were made in winter.

  1. The Invention of the Telescope and the Perfections Galileo Made on December 3, 1621
  2. How the Car Industry Looked Like When the Volkswagen Trademark Was Registered
  3. How Mark Twain Patented Suspenders While Being a Brilliant Writer
  4. Magneto-Electric Machine: Discovery and Patent by Thomas Edison
  5. Who Created a Game Monopoly and What Was the Basis of It?
  6. How the Invention of the Endoscope Changed the Medicine in December 1918
  7. Walther Meissner and His Meissner Effect: The Discovery Important to Magnetic Fields
  8. The Discovery of Sulfuric Acid by John Glover on February 2, 1817
  9. The First Heavier-Than-Air Craft Flight in 1841: Clement Ader and His Invention
  10. How the First Maxim Gun Was Invented in February 1840
  11. The Ramsauer-Townsend Effect: The Cooperation of Gas and Atoms
  12. How the Sound Barrier Was Broken by Chuck Yeager
  13. The Artificial Kidney of the XX Century Invented in 1911
  14. The Creation of Ferrari in February of the XIX Century
  15. Heinrich Hertz – the First Man to Send and Get Radio Waves
  16. The Solution for the Blind: Braille Reading System Invented in January 1809
  17. The Creation of the Safety Razor and How It Changed the Life of Men
  18. Stephen Hawking Theories of Baby Universes and Black Holes, and How Public Accepted Them
  19. How LCD Was Synthesized: The Story of Albert Hofmann and the Big Day of January 11, 1906
  20. The Inventor of the First Film with Sound – Eugene Augustin Lauste

These topics will help you remember and appreciate the legacy that all of these amazing people left. So, choose one of the ideas that you like most, modify the title if you want and voila – you don’t need to spend hours racking your brain over good ideas for academic papers. Just use our list, and you’re all set for several years ahead. You’re welcome!

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20 Topics on Alcohol Abuse and How It Concerns College Students around the World

studentDid you know that every year 80 000 people die because of alcohol, and it’s only within the territory of the USA? Due to this number, alcohol is the 3rd cause of death that can be prevented. And the statistics also show that students are the age group that suffers from this substance the most.

Alcohol abuse is an extensive problem because it disrupts the social life of the young learners, their studies, and undermines their health. That’s why it is so essential to raise the awareness about the issue by writing essays on this topic. This way, you will learn much more about the problem and will be able to operate with the facts and numbers. What is more, under the impression, you will discuss the alcohol abuse with your friends and the word will spread. And to make it easier for you, we’ve come up with 20 topics on this issue so that you could choose any title within minutes instead of surfing the Internet in search of a suitable subject for hours. Look through them and pick the one that draws your attention the most.

  1. How Does Alcohol Abuse Influence the Academic Performance of Students?
  2. An Obligation to Drink: Alcohol as a Ritual and Means to Fit in
  3. Social Pressure and Expectations as the Main Reasons for Binge Drinking
  4. The Death Circumstances and Situations Related to Alcohol Abuse
  5. Why Do Young People Become Aggressive When They Are Under the Influence?
  6. The Rate of Sexual Assaults Connected with the Alcohol Misuse
  7. Suicide Attempts, Injuries and Other Consequences of the Alcohol Use Disorder
  8. The Problems of Implementation of the Underage Drinking Laws
  9. Student Groups That Are the Most Vulnerable and Susceptible to Binge Drinking
  10. Prevention Methods Taken by the College Administrations to Reduce the Impact of the Alcohol Abuse
  11. Which Alcohol Drinks Do Students Consume the Most and Can This Knowledge Help Solve the Problem?
  12. The Most Widespread Place of Tasting Alcohol for the 1st Time Is Home
  13. How Does Early Consumption of Alcohol Can Impact the Brain Development?
  14. Resources for Students That Support Sobriety: Where to Find Them and How to Popularize Them
  15. Which Rules Campuses Implement to Regulate the Alcohol Consumption by Students
  16. The Comparison of the Academic Progress of Students Who Don’t Drink and the Ones Who Have AUD
  17. Vandalism as One of the Major Consequences of Binge Drinking and Big Problem for Campuses
  18. How the Place Where Students Live Influences the Amount of Alcohol They Consume
  19. The First Signs of the AUD: Early Diagnose Will Prevent Many Health Issues
  20. Standard Drinking for Students and How Not to Overstep Them

Write academic essays that really matter – with these topics, you will be able to spread information that could save someone’s life! So, stop looking for worthy subjects because they are all here, waiting for you!

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20 Botanical Topics on Plants’ Spring Mood

lily of the valleySpring is a time for plants to renew and emerge, and for flowers to blossom. During this period, plants and flowers start becoming brighter. Everything just seems to possess a happier, vibrant, and more positive energy. All these differences are possible due to the available sunshine.

During spring, the nutrients needed for the growth of plants are often available in abundant quantity. Warmth, water, light, and compost or soil needed for the development of these plants and flowers are available. The growth conditions are also favorable.

Furthermore, the showery weather provides the needed amount of water. Longer days also indicate more daylight. The warmth from the sun will help raise the temperature of the air and that of the soil. Thus, making it more conducive to the growth and development of plants, trees, and flowers.

However, students often find it hard to come up with suitable botanical research topics on the mood of plants during spring. Nevertheless, this is a very important aspect of the school curriculum. As we approach the spring season, we take a look at some research topic ideas describing the mood of plants in spring, how they develop, what they need as well as the risks that face these plants.

  1. Bud?Burst and the Emergence of Spring Flower
  2. A Practical Guide to Spring Season Gardening
  3. Spring Gardening: Getting the Most out of Your Garden During Spring
  4. Plant Growing Selection: Choosing the Right Plant to Grow in Spring
  5. Advances in Plant Research: New Techniques to Achieve Sustainable Plant Productivity During Spring
  6. Get It Growing: Various Techniques Used by Plants to Determine When It’s Spring Season
  7. A Case Study of the Expected Changes During Spring
  8. Caring For Plants: How and When to Prune Your Flowering Plants
  9. Preparing for the Spring Season: How to Get Your Container Garden Ready
  10. A Detailed Planting Guide for Flower Bulbs During Spring Season
  11. Spring Landscaping: How Do You Prepare Your Home for This?
  12. Early Spring: What Are the Consequences on Plants?
  13. Mood of Plant During Spring: A Case Study
  14. Climate Warming: What Are the Physiological Effects on Flowering Plants
  15. Flower Pollination: What Impact Do Changes in Climate Have on This?
  16. Spring Planting: A Study Guide on Planting During the Spring Season
  17. Spring Plants: A Case Study on the Best and Worst Flowers for Gardeners
  18. Perennials for Season-Long Bloom: A Qualitative Study
  19. A Look at How to Meet the Needs of Your Flowers and Trees During Spring Flowering
  20. Impact of Global Warming on Spring Flowers

The spring season remains one of the best seasons for plants, flowers, and trees to flourish. Flowers begin to bloom, everything comes alive. Above are research topic ideas to give you clue on what to write in your botanical research paper aimed at the mood of plants during spring. Always ensure that you go for interesting topics that will not bore the reader.

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20 Nursing Topics When You Are Aimed at Mommies-to-Be

propose to pregnant womenNurses play a very important role in the healthcare delivery system of every society. They are responsible for assessing, monitoring, determining the needs of the patients, and preserving the health of the patient. In a situation whereby the provided primary care is futile, it becomes the responsibility of the nurse to devise another action plan.

The period of pregnancy is one of the most challenging, yet the loveliest time of the life of a pregnant mother. Being your first time, you may need professional help and consultations when it comes to navigating through the experiences and wonders that lie ahead during pregnancy.

However, it is often advisable for mommies-to-be to carry out more research about pregnancy-related topics including childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, caring for a baby, and what it feels like to be a first-time mom.

As an aspiring nurse, an important aspect of your education curriculum and nursing training is writing several research papers. However, students are usually uncertain when it comes to choosing a research topic in nursing. Below are some topic ideas that are aimed at mothers-to-be.

  1. Learning About the Baby: Everything You Need to Know as a New Mother
  2. A Qualitative Study on the Support Needs of Expectant Mothers
  3. A Qualitative Study on Understanding the Essential Benefits of Breastfeeding
  4. A Nursing Perspective on the Need for Psychological Assessment While Being Pregnant
  5. Nutrition for Breastfeeding and Pregnant Women: A Case Study
  6. First-Time Mothers: Factors Affecting Positive Childbirth Experiences
  7. Caring for The Mother: Meeting the Needs of Pregnant and Parenting Teens
  8. Infant, Maternal, and Child Health: A Qualitative Study
  9. Breastfeeding During Pregnancy: A Closer Look at the Safety
  10. Routine Counselling and Testing for Pregnant Women: How Important Is This?
  11. Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Tandem Nursing: Safe or Not?
  12. Dealing with Use of Substance During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  13. Guidelines on Food and Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy
  14. Pregnant Women and Mothers: Understanding Their Wants and Needs
  15. Medications During Pregnancy: Are ADHD Medications Safe?
  16. Pregnancy and Education: Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students
  17. Risk Management During Pregnancy: A Guideline for New and Expectant Mothers on Risk Assessment and Management
  18. Aims and Objectives of Antenatal Care
  19. Adequate Infant Care: A Case Study on Caring for Infants
  20. A Detailed Insight on Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth is a life-changing experience that completely transforms you. As an expectant mother, it is important for you to be aware of how to deal with things that come your way. The above-mentioned research topic ideas will give you an idea of what to dedicate your nursing research paper aimed at mommies-to-be to.

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Stand Up to Bullying Day: 20 Topics on Bullying to Make the Audience Think

violence against womenBullying is a serious issue that has been in existence for some time now. Millions of children, teenagers, and students are affected by bullying. The physical and mental health issues caused by bullying have a resultant effect on both the kids who were bullied and their parents.

Fortunately, a lot of awareness continues to grow about the issue of bullying in different nations all over the world. We have an international STAND UP to Bullying Day. This is a special event when participants put on a signed ping “pledged shirt.” The entire program is aimed at taking a visible stand against bullying.

Students are usually confused when it comes to coming up with research topics about bullying. As we anticipate the STAND UP to Bullying Day on the 23d of February 2018, here are 20 topics on bullying that can give the audience something to think about.

  1. A Descriptive Study of Bullying at the Middle School Level
  2. Bullying as a Serious Issue: What Things Can Be Done to Identify and Prevent Bullying?
  3. Standing up for the Defenseless: What Protocols Can Be Put in Place to Help Support Kids Who Were Bullied
  4. Bullying and Technology: Explain the Impacts of Advancements in Technology on Bullying
  5. Discuss the Best Way to Convince Someone to Stop Bullying Their Colleagues
  6. Discuss the Resultant Impact of Constant Bullying on the Life of a Student
  7. Workplace Bullying: How Can Bullying Occur in a Workplace Environment? How Best Can It Be Handled?
  8. What Are the Challenges That May Come Your Way for Standing Up for Someone Who Is Bullied?
  9. Explain Possible Scenarios of Bullying in Everyday Life
  10. What Actions Can Be Carried out to Check the Act of Bullying?
  11. Effect of Cyberbullying: How Are Cyberbullies Making Life Hard for Those They Do Not See or Know?
  12. Where Does Bullying Occur the Most? In School? During Activities Outside the School?
  13. Bullying and Teasing: How Can You Differentiate Between These Two?
  14. Seeking Help: Who Should You Report to or Seek Help from When Being Bullied – A Teacher or an Adult?
  15. A Case Study of a Recognized Bully: Strategy and Practice Implications
  16. Bullying and Parenting: Is Bullying a Resultant Effect of Improper Parenting
  17. What Are the Best Ways of Dealing with Larger Issues of Child Bullying?
  18. Narrate a Case Study of Bullying and How It Was Successfully Resolved
  19. Prescribe Possible Measures That Can Be Taken to Counter Bullying
  20. Best Practices to Help Prevent and Address Bullying

Bullying is a good example of youth violence that pose a threat to the existence of young people. Several cases of bullying leading to physical injuries, educational problems, emotional, and social problems are witnessed within our immediate society every now and then. Listed above are some topics on bullying that will make your audience think for sure.

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20 Topics on Winter Holidays in Different Countries

woman winterWinter holidays are always packed with fun and anticipation of the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. It’s no wonder that winter holidays always inspire us to hope.

People all over the world celebrate Christmas differently, according to the culture, beliefs, and tradition in the area. This gives us a lot of ideas to write on; Hanukkah, St Nicholas Day, St Lucia’s Day, The Three Kings Day, New Year, Winter Solstice, and so on.

Also when it comes to writing about Christmas, there is a lot to talk about, from food and decorations to traditions and clothes as well as Christmas shopping lists!

These topics are engaging and sure to strike up conversations among your readers. These topics are more than just writing prompts, they are specific, to the point and quite streamlined. You may plan on writing about Christmas traditions, toys, foods, the different types of winter holidays and their significance, or about winter itself. Whatever idea you have in mind, rest assured that there is a topic here that suits it. Read on!

  1. Is Santa Really from the North Pole?
  2. Hanukkah: In the Footsteps of the Jews
  3. Santa’s Nice and Naughty List: Rewarding Kids for Good Behaviour
  4. St Nicholas Day: Remembering a Real Santa Claus
  5. Festivals That Celebrate the Winter Solstice
  6. Celebrating Three Kings Day in Spain
  7. Happy New Year: The New Year’s Resolutions, Last Minute Shopping, and Midnight
  8. Five Ways to Share in the Joy of Christmas
  9. Five Brilliant Ways to Cut Back on Inflated Christmas Shopping Prices
  10. Giving Christmas Clothes: The African Tradition
  11. Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Won’t Work This Time
  12. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve: Exploring America’s Culture of Gratitude
  13. Why Christmas Remains the Most Celebrated Winter Holiday
  14. Flu, Colds, and Frost Bites: Jack Frost Came Visiting
  15. The Origin of the Snowman
  16. Why the Toy Industry Remains Interested in Santa Claus
  17. Christmas Trees and Why We Should Plant More Trees
  18. Does Everybody Love Christmas?
  19. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny: Deciding a Kid’s Favourite
  20. St Lucia’s Day in Sweden: Celebrating the Girl Child

Winter holidays are here already! A brilliant paper may just be what you need to start the celebration. Pick any of these brilliant topics to get started.

To get the best of these topics, remember to go for problems that are interesting to you. Also, remember to get as much information as you can through research. After all, everybody is interested in the festive holidays, and they may just be interested in contributing. And who knows? Their ideas may just surprise you!

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20 Topics on Diets for a College Essays in Medicine

saladChoosing a topic for your college paper or essay can be quite tasking. There are lots of issues to write about and lots of things to say. You may be lucky enough to have your topic narrowed to food and diet.

Food is universal to everybody, and being one of the basic needs for survival, food has a lot of role in the human body. There are lots of points to write about nutrition and diet; the different types, their functions, the origin of some diets, food fads, effective diets, non-effective diets, and even dangerous diets.

Better still, you can go for engaging controversial topics that stir up conversations. For example the relevance of some special diets on the quality of human living. You will definitely have a lot to say here.

You can see that with all these varieties of ideas to choose from, picking a suitable topic can still be a problem. Which topic is the best to write on? And how do you craft these ideas into suitable topics? This problem is half-solved.

Which is why we came up with a sample of twenty engaging topics you can choose from. These ideas are more than writing prompts, they are detailed topics created for you to have a brilliant paper! Let’s get started!

  1. The Story behind Ketogenic Diet: Fact or Fiction?
  2. Effects of Fibre Rich Foods on Cholesterol Excretion
  3. The Mediterranean Diet: Red Wine, Olive Oil, and Good Health
  4. Diabetes Mellitus and What you Eat: Finding the Link
  5. Lactose Intolerance and Milk Substitutes
  6. The Vegetarianism: Is It a Good Idea to Take Vegetarian’s Side?
  7. The Effect of Animal-Free Food on the Gut
  8. Alcoholism and Chronic Liver Disease
  9. What You Should Know about Food Additives
  10. Is Honey a Better Substitute for Sugar?
  11. Debunking the Sugar Myth
  12. Alkaline Diet: Knowing the Effects and Pitfalls
  13. What an Effective Diet Plan Should Look Like
  14. Anabolic Foods: Sources, Functions, and Effects
  15. The Connection between Smoked Food and Gastric Cancer
  16. The Fruit Diet Fad
  17. Why You Should Eat More Carbohydrates
  18. Eat More Often to Lose Weight: A Silly Piece of Advice or a Must-Follow Route
  19. The Western Diet and Metabolic Syndrome
  20. Hypervitaminosis: Malnutrition of the Affluent

You can pick a handful of any of these brilliant topics to write your essay on. You could start by picking the best list of ten which you can scale then to five. Next, you can pick the best topic out of the five.

Another good way is to ask colleagues, friends, and family members for their personal opinion on the topic you prefer. Their responses could surprise you!

To get the best of these topics, remember to go for issues that mean something to you. Also remember to get as much information as you can through research, asking questions, and of course, surfing through journals and previous articles.

Fortunately, any topic you chose is sure to make your paper brilliant. They are all relevant, engaging, and some are even controversial enough to strike up conversations. Good luck!

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20 Topics for Politics Papers: What Worries People the Most?

womanStudents certainly have a lot on their plates – from last-minute study sessions for that big final exam to writing tomes of research papers and figuring out how to pay for soul-crushing student loans. Yet politics is another area of concern, and students are no stranger to political turmoil. In fact, student involvement in the Vietnam War has made a significant impact on the progression of our country. By writing a paper about a topic that you and your fellow students feel strongly about, you may be opening the door to further inquiry about issues that need to be resolved. In fact, most political change has been created and inspired by young students studying these types of issues in college classes and through extracurricular activities. Here are some great ideas for political papers if you’re looking to write a college-level paper that truly makes a difference.

  1. Should Public Institutions Offer Free Tuition to In- Or Out- of State Students? What Requirements Should There Be for This to Occur, Both to Students and Taxpayers?
  2. How Can the Government Increase the Availability of Jobs So That They Will Be Available When I Graduate?
  3. How Can Healthcare Be Made More Affordable During College Years – and Beyond?
  4. How Can Students Be Better Prepared for College after Leaving High School, Both Academically and Otherwise?
  5. How Can College and Workplace Discrimination Against Religious, Gender, and Cultural Minorities Be Prevented and Addressed?
  6. How Does Corruption Influence Campaign Financing and Political Elections?
  7. How Should the Government Deal With Issues Such As Access to Birth Control?
  8. What Impact Does Abortion Have on College Completion Rates?
  9. How Can the Government Reduce Housing Expenses?
  10. How Can the Government Help to Influence LGBTQ Equality on College Campuses and Beyond?
  11. How Can Colleges Be Made More Affordable for all Students?
  12. Should Minimum Wage Be Raised — or Lowered? What Impact Would This Change Have?
  13. Is College Even Worth It?
  14. How Can The Cost Of Healthcare Be Lowered While Increasing Access for All?
  15. Why Are Labor Unions Significant for College Students?
  16. Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered Back Down to 18?
  17. How Should Good Samaritan Laws Be Adjusted to Accommodate for Drinking and Drug Concerns on College Campuses?
  18. How Has the Government Handled Issues of Sexual Assault?
  19. How Should the Government Address Religious Tensions on College Campuses?
  20. What Is the “Privilege” Gap and How Does It Address College Students?

When considering a topic to write for your politically-focused research paper, it’s best to hone in on the topics you personally care about most. Choose a topic that is near and dear to you, or your paper won’t sound genuine. Take the time to investigate issues that are commonly discussed (perhaps even protested, studied in classes, or addressed by campus groups) at your school. Consider interviewing fellow classmates and professors to find out what topics relate to them most. A closely researched close-to-the-heart topic will produce an excellent, profound body of work.

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Some Entertainment Is Essential: 20 Topics for Papers about World Autumn Holidays

food stylingThere are many holidays celebrated throughout the world some are celebrated by many (such as Christmas) and others that are rarer (Bosses Day, etc.) by a little number of people. When you are writing a paper for a college class about a fall holiday, you might be tempted to write a generic paper about the history of fall holidays, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving day. However, there are so many interesting and engaging topics that you could choose from. These topics will allow you to wow any audience and snag an ‘A’. Here are some ideas:

  1. What Specific Atmospheric Changes Cause Fall Weather and Conditions?
  2. What Happens to Our Hormone Levels In Fall — and Why Does Our Testosterone Peak In the Autumn Months?
  3. What Fall Harvest Traditions Exist Currently, and What Older Traditions Were Honored by Other Cultures?
  4. What’s the Deal With All the Pumpkin Spice?
  5. What Is The Dark History of Trick-or-Treating?
  6. Is Halloween More Irish Than St. Patrick’s Day?
  7. What Are Traditional Halloween Costumes and Why Are They More Sinister?
  8. The Modern Jack-o-Lantern: How It Has Evolved
  9. Is Halloween Really a Time for Romance?
  10. Why Does The Aspca Ban the Adoption of Black Cats During Halloween?
  11. How Did Thanksgiving Inspire the Advent of the TV Dinner?
  12. Why Are Americans So Obsessed With Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
  13. Does That Thanksgiving Turkey Actually Make You Drowsy?
  14. What Are The Origins Of Black Friday?
  15. What Are The Ins and Outs of Canadian, vs. American, Thanksgiving, and What Are the Similarities and Differences?
  16. What Are Some of The Odd Holidays of October – Why Do We Celebrate a National Popcorn Popping Month?
  17. What’s the Deal with Veterans Day – Why Don’t All Businesses Honor It?
  18. What Is The History of the Christmas-Thanksgiving Takeover — And Why Is Our Fall Celebration Season Is Becoming Shorter?
  19. If 91% of Americans Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving – What Do The Rest Eat?
  20. What Is The Significance and History of the American Presidential Turkey Pardon?

Fall is a time of whimsy, change, and celebration. Fall holidays have fascinating origins, and they certainly vary by culture and over time. If you’re exploring one of these topics, it might be interesting to think about your family history and the traditions that your particular community follows. Fall holidays are unique to every family. Consider interviewing family, friends, and older relatives to find out where your traditions fall. Writing a paper on these topics must be backed by research, but will be made infinitely more fascinating by incorporating your own history, preferences, and traditions. Whether you select one of these topics or come up with your own entertaining subject, your paper is sure to delight if you err on the side of the unusual. Take the time to research your topic carefully, and be sure to research the ins and outs of how various groups of people celebrate these holidays before you start to write!

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20 Topics on Life-Hacks or What to Dedicate the Economics College Paper to?

officeRegardless of your educational institution, you will definitely have to deal with written academic assignments. They are various and have different requirements. A lot depends on your faculty, your supervisor, the assignment type, and the academic discipline. Regardless of all mentioned factors, it would be significant to pick up the right topic.

Why is it so important to choose the topic for your paper correctly? Well, if you choose a dull topic, which is not interesting for anybody, you would hardly involve the readers. Moreover, you will experience great difficulties when writing your paper because there would be no enthusiasm as well as nothing to write about.

Your topic is supposed to be intriguing and captivating. It should be relevant and discover some serious problem. Otherwise, nobody would like to read the whole paper. In addition, you should decide whether it would be easy and interesting to discover this or that issue.

At times, it is difficult to choose a proper topic due to the complexity of a discipline or the lack of interesting topics. However, if you are studying in an Economics College you will not have such a difficulty. There are many good topics, which would be a pleasure to discover.
Here is a list of some great ideas that you can make use of:

  1. Are the Benefits of College Worth Spending Money?
  2. Poverty, Income, and Wealth Distribution: Are Our Resources Scarce in Relation to Our Needs?
  3. What Does Scarcity Imply?
  4. The Main Opportunities Gained with the Help of the “Market Force”
  5. Is the 2008 Collapse of Economy Over for Today?
  6. Health Care and the Influence of the Cost
  7. Does the Environmental Pollution Have Any Relation with “Market”?
  8. Is It Necessary to Implement Some Restrictions to the Ownership of Private Property?
  9. The Major Issues of The Economic Growth in Canada
  10. Is There Any World Food Crisis? What Are Its Signs?
  11. Is It Possible to Escape Poverty?
  12. The Economic Hegemony in Australia
  13. The Main Clues to the Economic Success in China
  14. Is It Necessary to Reform the Current Economic Situation in the United States of America?
  15. What Are Main Possible Benefits of the Huge Charities?
  16. Is the Crisis of “Access Capacity” Solvable?
  17. Why Is the World Economy Sliding Down Despite Quantitative Easing?
  18. What Factors Weaken the Economic Situation on the African Continent?
  19. Does the United Kingdom Have Future Outside the European Union?
  20. The Issue of Unemployment in the U.S.A. and Its Consequences for the Economy of the Country

Make allowances for these topics as they may come in handy when you need to create an interesting Economics paper. These are real “life-hacks” because they highlight important issues and events.

No matter where you have got the topic from. Make sure that they are relevant as well as that they highlight the economic developments of great importance.

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