High School Term Paper Topics

Social Studies and English classes typically develop high School Term Paper topics; however, other classes such as Physical Education, Chemistry, and Physics may require a High School Term Paper as well. Developing a good term paper will include using successful grammar, research, and following the guidelines as presented from your teacher. High School Term papers can be written as persuasive papers that demonstrate a particular opinion, as discussed during the course work, showing why you feel a particular theory is better than another is. They may also be descriptive papers that show the social environment during the Mongolian Empire. Each different type of term paper can be developed successfully if you remember the key points to developing quality papers.

Always brainstorm ideas based on the teacher’s expectations as delivered in the rubric or stated in the assignment. Try to find a creative approach, for instance you can write about Alaska by using current information related to the history of Eskimos or the political environment since Governor Palin’s run for Vice President. Work on developing research before defining your topic to a specific idea. This will give you the opportunity to change your topic if you are not able to find enough research to support your central theme.

After developing research to support your idea, you will write an outline of what your paper will contain. Remember that all essays and papers should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Use supportive evidence from your research in the body of your paper to demonstrate knowledge at your academic level. Following the outline, begin writing. Many writers recommend writing the introduction and the conclusion last; however, some students’ find that it is easier to write in a different order. Use your style of writing in order to create a productive piece of work. No matter how your write the paper, remember to introduce your topic and the reason for your paper in the introduction, and then use the conclusion to re-state key points and your thesis statement. Finally, after writing your paper be sure to take a few days break from it before your final edit.

10 Examples of popular High School Term Paper topics:

  • Eastern Literature during the Renaissance
  • Ecosystems in South America
  • Cell Reproduction in Plants
  • Art History – Picasso or Michael Angelo
  • Noble Prize winners of Physics Awards
  • Global Warming and the Polar Caps
  • Political Environments during World War II
  • Current Activities of the Klu Klux Klan
  • Women in China
  • Teenage Pregnancy Rates

UPDATE! Topic examples from readers :

  • Euthonesia should be legalized (Thanks, Angiulina Magdalena)

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    something about global warming

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    The Rwanda Genocide

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    how will i know that my topic is too broad or too narrow, and especially just right? i want to answer my question ASAP

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