Sample Essay on Healthy Yet Harmful Products

food backgroundProper nutrition can enhance one’s well-being and yet pose as an enemy. Many individuals are stereotyped to believing that no harm could come out of the healthy food products that they consume. This takes place especially when an individual is living with certain health problems.

In the academic world, there are many foods that students eat that seem healthy. A little probe would unveil the masked danger that they have been ingesting. Much consideration should be given to how much healthy food they consume as this will go a long way imparting wrongly on their academic performance.

Fruit juice drink is a nice food product as it contains sugars such as glucose that is needed by the body. Though, this sort of drink can be harmful to the body when consumed excessively. This is because a fruit juice drink contains an excessive amount of fructose. The human body isn’t fashioned to handle the fructose overload. This can lead to obesity as the sugar that is not used is converted and stored as fats in the adipose tissues of your body.

Table salt is needed by the body as it acts as a source of the micronutrient iodine. An individual that is prone to or living with hypertension should evade taking salt excessively. When ingested more than required by the body, it leads to increase of blood pressure and loss of concentration.

Vegetable oils are another healthy yet harmful food product. Some vegetable oils such as canola oil are highly inflammatory. Various studies have discovered vegetable oil to be linked to learning disabilities and obesity.

The vegetable oil and margarine contain fatty acids which are required by the body in minimum amounts. These fatty acids, when taken in large amounts, get stored in the body as fats. Diabetic patients should be wary of this food as it can complicate further health conditions.

Microwave popcorn which is a highly sought-after food product in the market has a veiled threat to the human health. It has high levels of sodium and other questionable ingredients that are unfriendly towards the body.

Most healthy foods such as fruits juice, soya beans when ingested too much can lead to diabetes and reduce learning capabilities. These can cause detriment to an individual psychologically and physiologically.

Judging from the points above, it can be seen that healthy food is a friend and the same time a foe. Which side of it you see depends on how much you consume it.

One has to be attentive to the food eaten in order not to cause the body any disservice. Too much of anything they say is bad. One has to visit a nutritionist to help draft a diet menu. Various schools should look into reshuffling the school food menu in order to avoid attracting the risky effects of the healthy food products on the body.


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