Sample Essay on Folk Sayings: What to Wait for in Spring?

weather photos from spaceMost folk sayings are connected with nature. Many consider it to be true while some think they are just partially true. There are some folk sayings that one can utilize in achieving a particular objective in life. There are a number of old sayings connected with land fertility, temperature, weather, etc.

Folk sayings have huge implications for students. When making an oral speech, a deep knowledge of the human culture is required to add depth to the speech. It helps them express the social relations in the society.

Folk sayings perform a variety of functions. One of them is that they provide a glimpse of features and happenings that are fundamental to humankind.

Long ago before today, the weather became an important part of religion. Folk sayings on the weather were based on observation and wishful thinking.

Values need to be instilled in students to build and shape their character. This can be achieved using folk sayings as it contains sayings that teach knowledge and values. It inspires and prepares them for the truth. Folk sayings have often reflected the relationships between the nature and the organized system of men.

One of the folk sayings is about the weather of each season. Weather condition for the coming season is predicted using the present state of the weather. The old sayings are one of the ways to determine the weather if a winter is going to be snowy or cold or summer will be hot and sunny. Hot summer leads equally to a snowy winter.

Nevertheless, how random this saying appears to be, it usually takes place as predicted. Many people believe that the summer temperature becomes hotter because the Earth is closer to the sun during summer and further from the sun during the winter.

During the summer the sun rays hit the Earth at steep angles. The light doesn’t spread much which increases the amount of the ray energy that hits any spot. The higher the energy is emitted on the surface of the Earth, the stronger the winter cold.

During the winter, the sun rays hit the Earth at a mild angle. Unlike the summer sun rays, they spread out at a wider angle. This minimizes the amount of energy that gets hit at a particular spot. With this, the days and nights get less warmed up and make the winter a very cold one.

It appears that one can make this prediction; a very hot summer will likely lead to a snowy winter between January and February. Different individuals can utilize this folk saying in preparing for winter. With the less warm nights, a student will be able to protect himself from getting cold at night. This will, in turn, minimize missing school during winter due to cold.


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