Sample Essay on Fat: Does It Really Bare Simply Harmful Effects?

berliner kageIt is no new thing that what we eat affects our physiological and psychological well-being in one way or the another. When people keep themselves well nourished, they will be eligible to participate in various activities. Fats are one of the food nutrients that have debated on whether it poses threat to the body.

Nutrition is seen as a mean of enhancing an individual’s academic performance. Student’s educational achievements have been linked to the quality of their nutrition. Studies have been conducted to verify if obesity is linked to a student’s academic achievements.

In developing countries, obesity caused by the accumulation of fats in the body has reached an alarming rate. There is an increasing concern over the rising obesity rates in our society. Many schools are doing research to see if there will be any need for reforming their food menus towards ensuring the safety and enhancing the academic performance of their students. It is also done because the socioeconomic personality of different individuals is formed and shaped at their childhood.

There were suggestions that the increase in body weight may play a role in the academic performance of a child. First, obese children have been found to be more absent from school, unlike their non-obese counterparts. This is seen on those that have chronic health issues such as diabetes and asthma. This increasing absence from school only leads to poor academic performance.

Research findings have proved that obese children are prone to suffer from low self-esteem. The majority of those in schools that have low self-esteem are the obsessed students. This is the feature that will bring some harmful to their academic performance. They are more likely to become subjects to the negative societal perception towards obesity. Some of them become objects of ridicule amongst their peers. They are most often teased and bullied for their weight. It affects their psychology drastically, and it will affect their educational achievements and also various other areas of their life.

It affects their social life as they tend to seclude themselves from their peers probably either because of in a bid to dodge ridicule or they have a negative self-image. This goes far ahead to affect their social life negatively in the adulthood stage.

An obese student is also found to have a decline in their cognitive ability which affects their school performance.

From the studies, one can see that childhood obesity does them no good at all. This rapid growth of childhood obesity can be mitigated. A combined healthy diet and physical activity can be highly effective in preventing obesity as well as overweight.

At home, parents should ensure that their wards are living a healthy lifestyle. They should be fed well-cooked natural and organic meals. Their children should not be fed with junks as this is the main contributing factor to the rise of obesity in kids. Adhering to these controlling measures will curb the tendency of a child getting pissed or overweight and improve his/her academic performance and well-being.


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