Interesting Topics for Response Essays

A student’s life is full of excitement, novelty, and surprises — the latter includes a lot of challenging, original, and sometimes frustrating writing. The ability to present and explain your point of view in the form of an essay is crucial for your grade. Sometimes, it is not the argumentation that causes most problems, but picking a topic. If this rings you a bell, we have some tips and prompts on the best response essay topics that you are welcome to use.

An essay is a great tool for assessment of your ability to work with information and draw conclusions, and its title serves to present your analysis and conclusions to the reader. Finding the right article for a response essay and the right words to describe your response to it can be the toughest among the tasks. So, if you are out of ideas, then you can use the following 10 sample topics for responsive essays that we have prepared.

  1. When Morality Interferes with Information Security
  2. Devotion in the Workplace or Work-life Balance?
  3. Machine Labor as a Response to Increased Standard of Living
  4. The Issue with Gender-specific Public Transport
  5. The Reasons of People’s Dissatisfaction with Uber
  6. Wall Street and Bitcoin: The Appeal of Cryptocurrency
  7. The Need for Information Services in Dealing with Public Health Threats Like Ebola
  8. How Slowing Down the Decision-Making Process Will Reduce Juvenile Crime
  9. We Should Study More the Impact of Prisons on Environment
  10. Why Boycotting Nutella Will Not Solve Major Environmental Issues

What do you think about the reaction essay topics above? They are all responses to the existing articles and concentrate on their particular aspects. Some of the titles present an opinion, and some just introduce topics to the readers. Nevertheless, you should learn to pick your own response essay topic and transform it into a title. Below is your checklist of to do things, in order to come up with some great topics.

4 Items on Your “Response Essay Topic” Checklist

1. Find Materials

First of all, you should find an article, an essay, or any piece of writing—or sometimes art—that you want to respond to. The paper should be interesting to you personally and inspire the willingness to agree or disagree in you.

2. Find a Focus

The piece might be too lengthy or complex to cover in your essay. You should find a particular fragment or a certain issue that you are going to address. For example, in an article about unemployment in India, you might want to focus on unemployment programs for young people.

3. Find Your Point of View

Your response must come from you directly. Your paper should reflect your point of view, but you need to find it first. Appeal to the situations from your personal experience or to other materials you’ve read on the subject.

4. Find the Right Words

After you’ve picked your topic, it’s time for the title. It can vary in length, and it can be more or less revealing. In general, try to find words that will combine the original paper with your response to it.

Finding the right topic for a response essay is a real job, but once you’ve learned your steps, the task becomes much easier. We hope that we’ve covered the essentials of choosing response essay topics for you. You can grab one for free or follow the checklist guidelines to come up with a unique topic. If you are still confused or need any kind of assistance, fill in the order form, and we will provide you with any guidance.

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