Research Essays are designed to help identify a thesis or develop background information on a particular topic. Research essays may consist of a vast number of sources that demonstrate different viewpoints and different information; however, they will be used to create a solid thesis that increases the knowledge based needed to build a solid hypothesis or thesis for a dissertation or other larger report. Many educators require Research Essays in order to monitor a student’s progress and to help a student stay on-track to accomplishing their larger paper.

Typically, Research Essay Topics are broad and allow further research to be conducted. For instance, you might write a Research Essay that looks at current economic changes in the global environment; in this way, the research defined enables you to determine that you would like to use a thesis more specific to the European market changes due to global financial decline. Another study may evaluate the research available regarding ADD in children, and further develop into researching the relationship between increased technologies and the increase in ADD awareness.

Research Essay topics can be used to develop a great essay by clearly defining the overall topic in the introduction, separating different smaller topics in the body, and restating particularly strong points in the conclusion. Each topic must have information that supports the theory and possibly evidence that argues against the theory. For instance, a supportive study demonstrating the fragility of ocean ecosystems may discover studies that demonstrate the global warming dangers of the melting polar caps that will change the specific acidity of the ocean waters, possibly worldwide. Full development of that research would include studies that demonstrate this may not be the case, due to waterways filtering water and increased precipitation expectations. Each theory may or may not demonstrate irrefutable evidence; however, as a Research Essay, it is essential to make the reader aware of the different theories available.

10 Examples of popular Research Essay topics:

  • Poverty and Crime Levels in Inner Cities
  • Global Pollution and Government Policies
  • Stock Market Changes and Recession Trends
  • Success Rates of Human Resource Departments
  • Unemployment Levels in High Growth Regions
  • Obesity Levels in Children
  • Complex Ecosystems of Hydrothermal Vents
  • Biodiversity and United Nations Environmental Policies
  • Worldwide Cultural Diversity and Women’s Rights
  • Language Barriers and Employment Levels in Border Cities

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