Choosing Topics for Persuasive Essays: Tips and Tricks

Writing a good argumentative essay can be a real trick for all future scholars. The formal language and structure are a minor problem compared to choosing a position and searching for strong arguments to support it. However, what often drives students crazy the most is finding good persuasive essay topics. This is why we are here to help you. Below you will find a list of 10 handy topic samples and a few tricks that will help you to come up with even better topics on your own.

10 Persuasive Topic Samples for 2015

Here are the examples of topics you could use for your persuasive essay. We are sure that you will find most of them quite interesting and thought-provoking. Besides, you probably have your opinion on these issues, along with arguments to support your point of view.

  1. Are Body Cameras a Solution to Police Violence?
  2. Is Taxation on Federal Level Really Necessary?
  3. Children of Illegal Immigrants Should Have the Right to Social Insurance
  4. Should Schools Save Money on Lunch Programs?
  5. Will Replacing Employees with Robots Help the Economy?
  6. The Pros of a 6-hour Working Day
  7. Space Colonization: Is It Avoiding Responsibility for Our Home Planet?
  8. Should People Be Penalized for Abandoning Pets?
  9. Would Making Gambling Legal Solve Any Social or Economic Problems?
  10. Can Europe Provide Asylum for All Syrian Asylum Seekers?

Are you thinking about using these topic ideas in your next persuasive essay? As an option, you can modify the titles to adjust them to your specific topic. Moreover, you can choose a challenging essay topic yourself with our little tricks below.

4 Tricks for Picking a Powerful Persuasive Essay Topic

When you are choosing an interesting topic for your persuasive essay, you need to do some research first. Then, you should choose an issue that you feel strongly about. While searching for a great topic, you can use some of our tricks.

1. Search for the Most Recent Controversial Issues

We recommend you to pick the most recent problems. You can limit your Google search to display the results for the past month or past year. The newer the issue, the greater a chance that it is not entirely explored and the more you can contribute with your essay.

2. Avoid too Popular Topics

It is important to look for popular persuasive essay topics, but it’s essential not to go overboard. Your task is to challenge, not to bore, your instructor with the obvious.

3. Feel the Ground

Mention the issue to others and see how they react. If they don’t seem really interested, try picking another topic. All in all, a persuasive essay topic should cause genuine interest in the reader.

4. Ask Your Teacher or Professor

It is not forbidden to ask the instructor about the most popular topics he or she received from students. If he or she names a topic you had in mind, then choose something fresher, more specific, or more personal.

We are pretty sure that you will not just find these tricks helpful, but grade-saving, especially the last one. In any case, if you have a controversial topic that you are very passionate about, you should go for it. Just be sure you will explore the issue in-depth in your essay. If you need further help with writing your persuasive paper, you can always rely on our assistance. Just click the order button below, and we will get back to you in a record time.

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*Note: If you have any topic suggestions, share your ideas with others by leaving blog comments with your topic. We will instantly add interesting ones to the list.

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    Can you help me think of a persuasive research paper topic in regards to the homeless?

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    Migration a substantial reason of homelesness2.Natural disasters as…reason
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