Great Topics for Narrative Essays

From the very moment you apply to a college and till the end of your education, you are doomed to write a lot of essays, including narrative ones. It is hard and frustrating at times, but, on the other hand, it can be really engaging. You probably know that finding the best narrative essay topics is often the most challenging part — you must pick one that is compelling and novel and we will give you some tips on how to choose a suitable title for your narrative essay.

When writing an essay, you demonstrate your ability to process information and present your own view on a particular topic. It all starts with choosing a title for your paper, which should both reveal what your narrative is about and make your mentor want to read it. We have prepared a list of sample titles for college narrative essays for 2015 that will grab your reader’s attention and earn you a nice grade. Sounds too perfect? Read and find out.

  1. My Experience of Being Lost and Found in the Supermarket
  2. What It’s Like to Feel the Love of a Cat
  3. My Story of Becoming a Vegetarian
  4. Handling an Ethical Issue: Keeping a Secret
  5. How I Learned to Use Facebook for Self-Education
  6. A Day in the Woods: What I Learned from Spending Time in the Wilderness
  7. My Encounter with a Tropical Storm in Hawaii
  8. How the Movie Interstellar Helped Me Understand Dimensionality
  9. The Time When an Ordinary Hug Meant a Lot for Me
  10. A Random Act of Kindness That Had a Huge Effect on Me

Aren’t these really good narrative topics? They all introduce your personal stories and provoke thoughts right away, before one even starts reading the essay. What’s best, they are always up-to-date, as they deal with our individual experiences carried through time. If you can’t think of anything to write in your narrative essay, we are here to give you some ideas. You can create your own topics by following the three main tips below.

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3 Tips for Picking a Successful Essay Topic

1. Think of Something Memorable

Try to remember an event that has changed your life or perception, or just think of something that you can’t ever forget. It should be experience that you will want to tell a story about. It can be a childhood memory, a story about a close person, an impression from a trip, a chance acquaintance, or anything like that.

2. Think of Something Controversial

Recall the time when you had your beliefs challenged or ideas tested. Something that made you look at things under a different angle. It might be a controversy you experienced while growing up, or something more recent, such as keeping a secret, being friends with those who don’t get along, something that does not imply an exact interpretation, answer or solution.

3. Think of Something You’ve Learned or Discovered

When was the last time you learned something new and revealing? It doesn’t have to be knowledge that we gain in school or college; a personal life lesson would be much better.

Writing a narrative essay can be enjoyable, but it is also tricky, especially when you are thinking about a topic. We hope that our tips above and a collection of sample essay titles were useful, and that you apply them in your paper. However, in case you have any additional questions or need assistance with your narrative essay, you are welcome to fill in the form below and get some help from our essay professionals.

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