Literature Essays, also called Literary Essays, are developed to analysis written works by other authors. Literature Essay topics may include a single literary work or multiple works that are synthesized to develop a single idea or support a thesis or hypothesis. Most topics are written on a high academic level, requiring solid evidence to support the development of the paper. It is essential to take a professional approach to these types of essays in order to provide your instructor with a good essay that demonstrates clear thought and academic level writing.

When writing a literature essay it is important to remember it is designed for an audience seeking to understand your topic through solid relationships in a field that they are already familiar with. For instance, a business degree major may use a literature review on current management practices as demonstrated in recent studies of Fortune 500 businesses. This professional essay would be developed using peer-reviewed sources, well thought out thesis, and a clear outline. Another great essay would be job satisfaction in the workplace, for a human resource major, demonstrating recent developments on how extrinsic and intrinsic values are rated in current studies. The best topics are developed from current coursework related to the degree you are working on achieving. Most Literature Essays will focus on a single characteristic of studies; however, they will apply knowledge from all studies areas in previous coursework.

Developing a Literature Essay will begin with an introductory section that introduces the topic, thesis, some history, and the importance of your chosen topic. The body of the paper will inform the reader of what sources you used as primary research, and the conclusion will restate the primary points that support your thesis. Along with these essential points, a great essay will use sources that can be retrieved by the reader, as peer-reviewed research. Always begin with an outline and a thesis, and you will be on track to the best Literature Essay that will get you the top grade!

10 Examples of popular Literature Essay topics:

  • Job Satisfaction in Employees over age 50
  • Baby Boomers and Social Security
  • Fast-Paced Technical Growth and Slow-Paced Education
  • Impact of Social Networking on Teen Social Behavior
  • Global Impacts on Competitive Environments: Can “Mom & Pop” Businesses Keep up?
  • Mass Media and Niche Marketing Strategies
  • Environmental Concerns in Third World Countries
  • ADD and Medicine versus Behavioral Treatments
  • Adult Education Courses and Online Environments
  • Dress Codes in Schools to Decrease Violence

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