Informal Essay Topics should be developed based on subjects you find particularly appealing or entertaining. The primary goal of an informal essay is to develop a paper that entertains the audience, but also expresses your personal opinion on the subject. Each informal essay is designed to reach a particular audience – “Fellow classmates, I call upon you today to witness the death of the pen! As our children enter into classrooms filled with keyboards, we sadly watch pens and pencils fade into the deep dark recesses of the past…” These types of essays can be developed to use as a speech, source of humor, argument, expression, or anything that can include the conveying of personal thoughts and opinions. Most good informal essays will include solid resources that defend the point; however, they are rarely typical arguments but instead tend to develop satire, irony, or elaborate ideas that the audience may not have considered before.

Every informal essay must be written towards a specific audience. If you write your essay as a speech for your class, you may wish to address your classmates, or refer to their particular knowledge, “as you know, from weeks upon weeks of pouring over endless works by Thomas More, Machiavelli, and Erasmus, the Renaissance period awoke…” In this way, your audience becomes involved in your, developing a personal relationship with what you have written. If you do not personally know your audience, but understand the group that it will be presented to, you may wish to write at that particular level.

Just like all great essays, your essay must have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Your beginning acknowledges your audience and introduces your topic. Your middle clarifies and defines your opinion and the topic. The conclusion typically calls your audience to action – whether by having them develop their own opinions, laugh at your work, or seek out new information in relation to your piece. Informal essays are an excellent way to reach audiences during new class projects and when there are no other specific requirements of your essay type.

10 Examples of popular Informal Essay topics:

  • Religion (theology based on subject or class)
  • Technology (present, past, or perceived)
  • Social conditions (poverty, crime, and war)
  • Government (policies, politicians, types or status)
  • History (all things from the past qualify)
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology (typically not terms, can use methods and theories)
  • Education
  • Celebrities/Politicians/Historical Figures
  • Generational or Cultural differences (typically being careful of biased remarks)

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