Expository Essay Topics explain how to do something – a systematic instructional guide that enables the reader to follow along and accomplish a goal. For instance, you might be asked to write an expository essay on gardening, writing, tying shoes, or even installing a light switch. Some classes will have students write an expository essay on fictional subjects, such as catching fairies or diving for mermaids, these are usually writing exercises to help keep the mind thinking and increase the ability of a student to apply knowledge and follow directions.

Your expository essay writing will have a great topic if it is one you know about and can explain the different steps it will take to meet the final goal. Every essay will have a clearly defined goal – a growing plant, a successful work team, an exploding volcano, etc. The introductory paragraph may explain what the topic is, why the reader will want to know how to do this particular topic, what the outcome will be, and possibly background and supportive information on the topic. Each paragraph following the introduction will be clearly defined steps that the reader will take to reach the goal. Finally, the conclusion will be a closing statement that may provide an extra little tip or advice but ultimately invites the reader to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Finally, your expository essay can be an excellent essay even if the topic is fictional. You may decide to write a paper that tells readers how to catch a cloud and store it in a shadow box, teach flowers how to dance, grow a dragon from an egg, or catch the Loch Ness Monster. The introduction might even tell the reader that this is an imaginary adventure, or introduce a science fiction piece of equipment that you determine will be made in the future and that your reader will need to know how to use it. Your paper will be a successful expository essay so long as it provides a logical progression that will take the reader from step one through completion of the project.

10 Examples of popular Expository Essay topics:

  • Gardening and planting steps
  • Science projects – volcanoes, potato batteries, etc.
  • Cooking Instructions
  • Writing Instructions
  • Car Driving/maintenance
  • How to use a DVD/iPod/Cell phone/computer
  • How to take care of pet
  • How to save money
  • Organizational project steps
  • How to build a community team for volunteer work, etc.

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