Exploratory Essay Topics

Writing the Exploratory essay is something new and unusual to you. This kind of papers is the opposite side of the papers that you have written before. When choosing the topic of the exploratory essay you do not have to be familiar or well-educated on the question you are talking about. The main purpose of the exploratory essay is to learn in the process of writing and researching. And you don’t have to prove that you know something about the topic at the very beginning of the exploratory essay topic.

What you are to do when writing the exploratory essay is concentrate on several main issues, but not one. You have to remember that you learn when you get answers on the questions. So, your goal is asking more questions and getting more answers. Also remember that several answers can concern one question.

In your exploratory essay you have to mention both sides of your question – positive and negative. The thoughts and opinions of other people are also important. In that way you can analyze the given information in you exploratory essay.

The introduction of the exploratory essay should present the main topic, or question that must be learned and answered. The information used in your exploratory essay has to be referenced and cited; otherwise it may be considered as plagiarism.

The body of the exploratory essay has to widen the topic and open it from different points of view. The advantage of the exploratory essay is focusing on the question, but not the thesis statement.  You have to do lots of web and encyclopedia research to get the largest amount of information. Be sure for your information is clear and vivid to the reader.

In conclusion of the exploratory essay you have to remember that you, as the author, are more interested in the process of research and investigation, rather than result.

You can present the information in chronological way, or any kind you like. But the thought should be clear and easy to follow.

Writing the exploratory essay you can compare you own solutions and answers with the answers given while the research was done.

10 Examples of Popular Exploratory Essay Topics:

  • Business Topic – Recession Proof Project Management Goals
  • Social Sciences Topic – Developing Effective Methods for Diversity in Campus Communications
  • Psychology Topic – Marketing Influences on Children’s Expectations of Parents
  • Nursing Topic – Relationships Between Schedule Variations and Compassion Fatigue
  • Communications Topic – Creative Methods for Maintaining Balance in Overseas Offices
  • Biology Topic – Effectiveness of the World Health Organizations Strategies
  • Engineering Topic – Civil Engineering and Utility Companies
  • English Topic – Evaluation of Little Women Based on Modern Day Women’s Values
  • Computer Science Topic – Gaming Platforms Influencing Changes in Processing Power and Video Memory
  • Education Topic – Educational Differences Between Virtual and Traditional Colleges


Where do children come from?

What is the impact of drug abuse?

What should we know to be successful?

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