Descriptive Essay Topics are explorations of the five senses (possibly six) used to develop an understanding of something that another person has not experienced or may not have experienced in the same way. These types of essay are creative applications of writing that teachers use to help students find how different situations, moments, happenings, and more can actually employ more than just one sense. For instance, watching something that makes you angry may cause your skin to feel chilled and a bitter taste appear in your mouth, and your eyes may even see red if the sight is too offensive. You will write a paper that explores all of your senses as that particular event or object becomes a part of “your world.”

Some instructors will have you describe a place you have not seen, by gathering evidence from the literature you are reading. For instance, you might read Of Mice and Men, and be asked to write a Descriptive Essay about your favorite character. You might read Gulliver’s Travels and be asked to write a Descriptive Essay demonstrating your favorite nation. Some teachers may ask you to develop a Descriptive Essay demonstrating what candy is, or how you would describe a candy, you have just invented in your mind.

No matter what the subject, a good descriptive essay writing will be developed using all the sense – smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch. You might describe a natural disaster. “The beach sand was wet and squishy beneath my toes and the air smelled very salty as it roared loudly past my ears. The storm left the sky a miserable grey, and as I brushed my hair out of my mouth, I realized it tasted like seaweed.” Many descriptive essays will have a lot more impact if you write from your perspective; however, a good essay can be written from the third person point of view as well. “The many different types of stones appear to be pleasantly place; however, they represent a time-period that can cause visitors to cry at the mere sight of them.”

10 Examples of popular Descriptive Essay topics:

  • People, Places, Objects, Emotions, Theories, etc.
  • Unique experiences
  • Poetic Descriptions (the candy sounded like thunder)
  • Emotions from a moment when you felt very strongly
  • Historical reenactments
  • Pets or family members
  • Celebrities based on the “view from a distance”
  • Life experiences – historical moments
  • Fictional places or characters
  • Future places or people

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