Critical Essay Topics

Critical essays provide informative claims based on literary works and backed up by supportive evidence. The best persuasive critical essay writing will focus on facts rather than opinions. In this way, the author is not seen in the essay, providing a professional approach using critical thinking methods. Most critical essays will use material from a leading expert or a professional journal. Great topics for your essay are based on the subject you are studying and the requirements from your instructor. Some popular topics include global environmental issues, world economic conditions, movie reviews, and childhood education. Some new and interesting topics include childhood obesity, ‘sexting’, GIS systems, and communication influences of social networking online. Original articles can be found in publications such as USA Today, Journal of Psychology, or other popular publications for your area. In some cases, local newspapers can inspire the initial article for the critical essay topic.

One approach of critical essays is to explain the concept the author has used. For example, a critical essay topic may review a textbook on implementing successful management practices and focus on explaining the concept of motivation through critical review of other studies developed in job satisfaction. Another possibility is developing a constructive essay to review the cognitive theory development as presented in an Education textbook, using other studies on learning behaviors. Here you will have help to develop an excellent critical essay topic.

Good critical essays can examine the psychological effect used by a writer. For instance, the biased leanings of a particular article found in a local newspaper, as compared to similar information found in a professional journal. A qualified critical essay may examine the psychological effect from a fictional tale such as Little Women on female readers during the 1800s or early 1900s, or the impact of World of the Wars when released as a radio show in 1938. These topics will evaluate the effect using current studies of how influences cause behaviors, as well as how the author used the persuasion.

Finally, critical essays develop a point without using the writer’s personal opinions or self-evaluations. All information is built from qualified resources, such as a job satisfaction evaluation as compared to the motivation theories from Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene theory, and possibly psychological studies. Other great essay topics may include theories discussed from Plato’s Ethical Philosophy, Aristotle’s Happiness Theories, Capella’s adult education theories on post-secondary instruction, or even Mass Media Influences in relationship to current social behavior studies.

10 Examples of Popular Critical Essay Topics:

  • Job satisfaction influences Employee Turnover rates.
  • Increased communication provides distractions to school-aged children.
  • Growing global concerns are influencing governmental policies.
  • Growing development of instant gratification fulfillment is adding to obesity levels.
  • Sexting increases the number of teens contributing to harassment in and out of school.
  • Video games reduce the attention span of children and adults.
  • Addiction to online gaming and social networking sites has negative influences on interaction in the workplace and in face-to-face communications.
  • Growing cultural diversity influences the success rate of adult education theories currently in practice.
  • Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a personal revelation of his feelings regarding death.

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