If you want to write on one of the compare contrast essay topics you have to know how to compare things (to show the common parts of different things) and to contrast something (to find the differences of the things. We are using the principles of compare and contrast every day in our life (for example, when we decide what food to eat or what theatre to visit).

It’s very easy to write on one of the compare and contrast topics – you are doing these operations every day.  Just imagine objects, things and events you have to compare or contrast in general. You have to describe all points together (not separately); try to think about things you are comparing and contrasting more abstractedly.

It’s great to make the list of all similar characteristics that chosen things share.  Describe their common features and then write down another list with all different parts these things possess.

There are two ways of compare and contrast essay writing – one of them situational. In this way you have to compare and contrast something in some certain situation and you have to disclose it by comparing and contrasting things and objects in this situation.

10 Examples of popular Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

  • Business Topic – International Copyright Enforcement and Proprietary Rights
  • Social Sciences Topic – Differences Between Group Think and Mob Mentality
  • Psychology Topic – Variations in Violent Crime Survivor Behaviors
  • Nursing Topic – Uniform Changes Through the 1900s and Professionalism
  • Communications Topic– Web Development and Online Free Programs
  • Biology Topic – Habitat Protection versus Ecological Regulations
  • Engineering Topic – Licensing Regulations in the United States versus Mexico
  • English Topic – Various Forms of Spoken English in the World
  • Computer Science Topic – Linux, IBM, and Apple, Base Programming

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