This type of essay topics perhaps is the most important for you, because your future depends on the results of its accomplishment. The main purpose of these essays is to show your multifaceted and unique personality, reveal your writing skills, ability to express your ideas clearly and sequentially, to create a logical structure of your paper and to show everything you think in point of the fact.

You have to understand that the most important thing in the writing of your college application essay is to show how smart, unique and clever you are. Your reader will find all this information from the style and manner of your writing. Really outstanding talent doesn’t need a promotion. Don’t make your college application essay very big. Use your life experience in your paper. Remember that nothing can be more cogent than real truth.

Don’t forget that you have to express your personal feelings and interests in your college application essay.  Write your essay in the thoughtful and reasonable way. Look into the nature of things; try to show the deep and logical description of the problem. Don’t use superficial and slipshod approach in your work. It’s much more interesting to read something with original and deep idea than something which is genuinely deep than something trite and boring.

College Application Essay Topics

The most important part of writing college application essay is selecting one of the interesting college application essay topics.

You can different yourself from the rest of applicants by the picking of really original college application essay topic.  Your success will depend on how great you have expressed your personal thoughts and feelings and uncovered the main idea of the topic. So, don’t rely on the random choice of the topic, select it by yourself.

Below you’ll find fresh and original ideas for college application essay topics. Work with these topics and add up to them something from your circle of interests. These college application essay topics will give you some original and fresh ideas for your topic which you’ll use in your work.

10 Examples of popular College Application Essay topics:

  • Business Topic – Job Opportunities During the Recession Cause a Growing Need for Educated Talent
  • Social Sciences Topic – Online Interaction’s Influence on Teens and Young Adults – The Changing Face of “Popular”
  • Psychology Topic – Understanding Family Struggles with Drug Addiction
  • Nursing Topic – Care Requirements of Cancer Survivors Living Alone
  • Communications Topic – Intercultural Communication in International Organizations Suffering from Limited Face-to-Face Interaction.
  • Biology Topic – Obesity Rates in Children May Be a Cycle of Inactivity
  • Engineering Topic – Nanotechnology Works to Achieve Medical Advances
  • English Topic – ESL Needs in the Classroom Create Opportunities for Educators
  • Computer Science Topic – Data Mining and Current Ethical Considerations
  • Education Topic – Adult Learners and Motivational Needs for Continued Education

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