BEST Essay Topics: Which One is Yours?

When you’re assigned with essay writing task, the first thing you do is looking for the best essay topics using best essay books available at the library and on the web. If you take any best essay example from the Internet you’ll see a huge number of ideas to work out. If you are assigned with the topic already, you can relax and gather information. If it’s up to you to pick the topic, you should know this is the hardest part of work as it demands lots of work and rich imagination. In order to impress your tutor with an interesting title you have to gather the freshest information about your topic and have profound knowledge at.

What are the best essay topics I may choose? This question tortures your mind and that’s OK. The key idea of picking any topic for the study: the topic for your essay is the hardest, biggest and most significant part of the essay. It is very important to select the topic that is linked to your interests and connected to the interests of your readers.

All that you give preference to for your topic before you begin to write the essay is very important. In other case, you can really waste a lot of time studying different papers before you finally find the right idea for your work. If you take any best essay example you’ll see attention-grabbing topic. What you have to know about it is that the author of this essay didn’t choose the topic lightly and quickly. Since your grade depends on how original, relevant and useful your topic is, make sure you have made the right decision about the topic.

Catching the most suitable topic for your essay will be the brightest moment of paper writing. Add some original tone to it, for instance, some interesting facts from the Guinness Book of Records, to make your essay really great. Remember, nice essay will never get along without terrific topic like a luxurious car without gasoline.

So, make sure to pick something from the list provided below and get an A!


  • The causes of juvenile suicide attempts
  • Rehabilitation methods of rape victims
  • Same-sex families. What kind of effect they have upon the process of bringing up kids?
  • Early sex education: pros and cons



  • What kind of future you see for the biotechnological developments?
  • Consequences of abortion
  • How to avoid breast cancer?
  • Overweight problem among children



  • The causes of economic crunch
  • Issues of global expansion
  • National economy development

Responsibility & accountability of corporation in business before its stakeholders.

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    My topic is about, ‘how wonderful no-one has to wait a second to make the world a better place’.

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