Admission Essay Topics can be very difficult to develop. A college or university will read your admission essay and develop an idea of what type of person you are, how well you communicate, what types of opinions you have, if you have developed critical thinking skills, and how well you will do in their school. This can be a challenge; however, you can develop a great topic for your admission essay writing by considering some key points – use your strengths, use supportive evidence from examples in your life, and do not let the essay leave without you! Some of the biggest mistakes in admission essays are letting the topic wander off course.

You want your college to recognize you as unique, an asset, and as self-motivated individual with serious goals; however, you also do not want the essay to say you are perfect, or to imply that you are without failures, because this demonstrates a person in need of more life experiences. In the US, most students find that colleges are most impressed by students who demonstrate an ability to overcome failure and learn from their own mistakes. Your paper may tell the tale of how you lost your first science fair competition in four years, and how you had spent too much time trying to develop a project that had no solid background when you might have chosen a path with more supportive evidence. In cases where you have won many competitions, your focus should be on a learning event from one of the times you did not win.

Avoid using excuses and placing blame – “I did not win the game because my little sister was sick the night before and I couldn’t sleep.” or “My partner didn’t bother to bring in the other half to the project.” or “My shoe was untied, I tripped, or we would have come in first place during the last lap.” Focus on inner development, “I realized that unexpected life events can interrupt even the best laid plans. Now, as I plan for success, I understand that I must also be ready for the things I cannot plan for and in this way I can overcome any challenges set before me.”

10 Examples of popular Admission Essay topics:

  • Community and Volunteer Projects – why you did them
  • Overcoming Adversity (a time you didn’t win)
  • Personal Achievements (through hard work and dedication)
  • Specific Traits (unique or advanced)
  • Relate an Adventure you went on – something you learned
  • Describe qualities/skills you are working on developing based on someone you admire
  • Develop a short essay on something you feel strongly about and get involved in
  • Describe how you survived a particularly difficult class
  • Relate an experience that helped you understand responsibility
  • Describe how you were supportive to a friend in need, or how your friend was supportive to you.

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