The 5-Paragraph Essay is quite simply an essay developed using five paragraphs – introduction, first body, second body, third body, and conclusion. Most often, it will be for any type – persuasive, argumentative, responsive, research and so on. Constructive writing may including using the three body paragraphs to build up to the point you wish to share; however, a more literary approach may be to have the second body paragraph serve more as the climax of the narrative – followed by final thoughts and the conclusion.

A good essay uses this format to provide enough information to explain or support the idea presented. Most excellent essays will have at least this many paragraph; however, if your instructor has requested a 5-paragraph essay writing, it is essential you limit your information to 5 paragraphs. Your introduction will introduce your topic – with at least four sentences that define what your topic is, why your reader should know about it, and what you will tell the reader about. Your first paragraph may be a brief history of the topic, or a list of key defining points. Your second paragraph may introduce information that is not always accepted about your topic, but supported by your research, you can now explain it. Finally, your last body paragraph defines why you wrote the paper – designed towards your audience – fulfilling any goals or criteria your educator assigned. Then the easy part of the paper, the conclusion, here you will restate your topic, as defined by your other three paragraphs, and finally close out the information with a closing statement.

Response Essays do not have specific topics that work best; however, do not pick a subject where you will have more information than your paper permits. Begin by developing a few research items – peer-reviewed sources or current media reports – and then determine what the most important information for the paper is. Do you want to explain something that is currently going on with your topic? Do you want to define it? Argue a point for or against your topic? Each of these will allow you to define your 5-paragraph essay to a manageable level.

10 Examples of popular 5-Paragraph Essay topics:

  • Current Status of Drug Abuse and Teens
  • Pledge of Allegiance in Schools
  • Recent articles or other media reports
  • Global or Environmental concerns
  • Difference between the current recession and previous recessions
  • Current statistic analysis
  • Employment levels Worldwide
  • The Goals of the World Bank
  • The role of the United Nations
  • Growing Global Environmental Concerns

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  1. February 8th, 2010 at 5:49 pm #Subrata Ray

    The introduction of an essay covers almost all the major paragraphs and a suggestion for the conclusion .The three separate bodies are never sufficient for composing an essay .
    For instance in an attempt of writing an essay on Shakespeare and Tagore we may begin like this :Shakespeare and Tagore exhibit the two sides of human world,-one explores the ascending order of the external realities of human nature , and the other , the spiritual progresses of the mind from station to station .One idealises the the impulses and instincts , the other , the revelation of the stages of the mind,- the journey of the mind from inert state to conscious state and then to super mind .While Shakespeare is readable , Tagore in that case is matter of realisation .Hence Tagore is more difficult than Shakespeare .
    From this comes succeeding branches of sub-paragraphs .
    Subrata Ray .Uluberia West Bengal .India .

  2. February 23rd, 2010 at 6:20 am #anita

    thanks for that above information

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