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As it often happens, your student life involves not only constant fun and freedom but also loads of academic assignments and essays to be written by very short deadlines.  In this case, no one knows better than you that sometimes finding a good topic for essay writing turns out even a more complex challenge than writing a paper itself. So, no wonder you are often in search of the best essay topics. But – no worries! You are in the right place to get help with essay topics for your paper.

Your essay is a chance to show your set of skills and level of knowledge. And essay title is the first encounter with your wit and wisdom.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure your essay topic is impressive, engaging and intriguing. We’ve decided to help you with the choice of essay topics and we’ve prepared the list of essay topics of 2015 that will surely impress your mentor and gain the best grades for you:

  1. How Social Networks Can Be Used in Educational Purposes
  2. Is It Reasonable to Cut Physical Education at Schools?
  3. Why Do Students Drop Out of Colleges?
  4. The Quality of Living in Developing Countries
  5. The Urbanization of the Natural Environment: Pros and Cons
  6. Major Discoveries on Mars and Their Importance
  7. Forest Fires: How to Prevent the Catastrophe
  8. The Significance of Traveling in the Modern World
  9. Types of Cancer Treatment and Their Effectiveness
  10. The Future of Robotics in the Medical Segment

Aren’t these the most interesting topics for essays? They deal with modern ideas and pressing issues. They raise burning questions. They provoke curiosity and interest on the reader’s side. And that’s great! You should remember that essay writing is not only about presenting raw facts, data and dates. It’s all about the ability to analyze the issue in question and produce your own conclusions. So, such types of essay topics are the best ones. Care to learn how to create an interesting essay topic on your own? Read further!

The Rule of 5 Ps to Choose a Successful Essay Topic

Rule # 1: Be Patient

There is no guarantee that you’ll find the topic you need right away. That doesn’t work like that. Be ready that you’ll have to spend more than 5 minutes to spot the necessary topic.

Rule # 2: Be Picky

Don’t grab the first idea that you spot online or that comes to your mind. It may seem genius at first but after you think it over, it might appear not that striking anymore.

Rule # 3: Be Persistent

If you fail to find an interesting and popular topic for your essay, don’t give up. Sometimes it takes several attempts to come across the thing you need and it’s okay because it means that you follow Rule # 2.

Rule # 4: Be Passionate

Choose the topic that you really care about because you have to express your personal judgements and arguments. So, make sure you’ll be able to make a solid conclusion analyzing the issue.

Rule # 5: Be Practical

Select the subject that you know something about and can research it closely. Even if the topic sounds really interesting but you have no idea how to talk about it, it’s a lost cause.

Writing essays is no easy task and you certainly know it. But we are here to help you. So, use our free essay topics to get the best out of them and write an A+ paper. We hope that our tips will help you achieve success in your academic writing. If you have some additional questions or you need more of academic assistance, use the order form below. Stay calm. We’ll solve all your problems.


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