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HIV Essay Sample: Denialism VS Science

AmbulatoryIt’s been more than fifteen years since a highly controversial book titled “Positively False – Exposing the Myths Around HIV and AIDS” was published by Joan Shenton. The work that refers to something that the author calls “absolutely wrong” science of AIDS/HIV can be simply reduced to the following statement: AIDS is nothing but a huge Pharma scheme and the companies specialized in the antiviral drugs production are only getting more and more cash. However, while the author describes her work as the one completed by the so-called AIDS “dissident.” But a more suitable word for the author would definitely be “denialist.”

Where does the idea to deny the AIDS or HIV existence actually come from? According to the information provided in Denying AIDS, the AIDS denial movement exposé held by famous psychologist Seth Kalichman covers a great number of denialists from all parts of the globe, who have tons of theories. As a rule, they all believe that sooner or later, the so-called “orthodox” hospital theories on AIDS/HIV will simply “crumble.” Those who deny the existence of HIV claim that antiretroviral drugs are “toxic” and It’s pointless to see any sort of links between HIV and AIDS.

The problem is that the denialists science is many decades old already and is mainly based upon the beliefs of Peter Duesberg, the California University biologist. In 1987, Duesberg created a paper on the “harmlessness” of HIV and that it never leads to AIDS. Since the late 80’s there has been a solid proof that denying the links mentioned above is “scientifically illiterate”, according to the expert of National AIDS Trust Yusef Azad.

Nowadays, the science defines these movements as a highly hazardous traction. 2009 is a really successful year for the AIDS denialists . For instance, in November a record number from all parts of the globe travelled to California, where the Rethinking AIDS conference took place. The headliner of the meeting was the documentary “House of Numbers” that supported the range of denialist theories.

A lot of people keep following the theories developed by people like Shenton, but the scientists prove the denialism viewpoints will cause deadly consequences. A lot of denialists theories supporters have already passed away. Why don’t they rely upon science and medications to survive? Mainly because of the despair that people usually experience when faced with the new diagnosis. That’s when ignorance is born – people need immediate answer, they are in need of hope. If someone approaches you promising to find hope in the other, “non-traditional” direction, you’ll prefer to never think rationally. However, the reality is uglier than ever before. While some people exert every effort to save their precious lives, the others choose to follow denialism “gurus”, who prefer telling anyone with the diagnosis that living a “healthy lifestyle” will save them from AIDS. That’s what comes from relying on phoney science.


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Drama Essay Sample: Why Do People Revel in Bad News

night in front of TVHow many times in your life have you stopped in the street to see the accident and find out whether there are human casualties? Do you ever notice most of the TV news you watch aren’t the positive ones?

Every individual wants to feel the power, to be superior even people who insist they wouldn’t care about that. Experts say, there are two ways to feel good and proud about yourself. You can become better than the person next to you. Or, as an alternative, you can simply watch the others slipping behind you. Seeing people dealing with various problems can trigger two different kinds of emotions such as superiority and sympathy. The feeling of superiority is usually caused by the conclusion that you were strong (or superior) enough to withstand the problems the others failed to.

Even those, who are next to saint, feel more powerful when they watch the others suffer from any sort of misfortune. Still, they feel bad when they see other people grieving. Why? It’s because they feel sympathy that overshadows the self-confidence boost they experienced and that’s why the majority of individuals will choose watching bad news that is not related to real tragedies.

By seeing the others suffer but to a particular extent you feel pretty OK about yourself. However, in case the suffering degree goes over a certain point, your sympathy will get through and you’ll be sad. The businessman, who runs a successful business when the economy is getting through hard times, may enjoy sad news about the economy. He’s successful. He manages to run his own business when the rest of the crowd fails. We usually feel some kind of relief when we realize people around us are more miserable than us. Exactly for the same reason people like horror movies and sadistic films. Even by watching the cinematographic violence, our subconscious mind makes us feel better because we’re safe and sound.

So, are people really that selfish and mean? Before making your decision, consider this: the majority of people have not the slightest idea of how their minds function! That is why they easily become the bad news addicts without realizing that this TV content makes them feel better.

Selfishness is one of the answers to the question why people get addicted to the bad news. The more selfish an individual is, the more likely he’ll find bad news attractive.

So, is there any positive news about it all? In accordance with the positive psychologists researches, human beings are able to change their habits and concentrate on the half-full-glass issues. When we master new habits, thus we reprogram our brains and make it develop a positive perspective. The latter is being spread to the others like some sort of an infection, except that the infection is a good one!


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Dogs Essay Sample: 100 Years of Purposeful Breeding

dogThe practice of dog breeding causes some great controversy all over the world. Man’s best friend has been through almost one hundred years of the so-called “breed improvement”, which has become extremely unhealthy for the fluffy buddies. According to the “Science of Dogs” blog authors, the well-known purposeful breeding has physically affected a great number of dogs since the beginning of the XXth century. For example, the Bull Terrier is now having a thick abdomen and a mutated skull while it was a pretty healthy and athletic animal not long ago. Before making a decision to breed your female dog, ensure to take into consideration some negative effects that may occur afterwards.

When getting into the breeding process, remember the potential risks of the female to be injured or develop serious conditions during the pregnancy that can be life threatening. Moreover, dogs can even die when delivering in case they do not get competent supervision.

There are growing health consequences that breeding does to dogs, vets and researchers say. Let’s take a cute Dachshund as an example. The typical characteristic of the animal is the long back. The latter actually stands behind the problem called the “ruptured spinal discs” leading to chronic pain and even paralysis. In case there are serious health issues with the puppies, it is the owner of the female dog, who carries responsibility.

Not only will the female dog be in need of food of the higher quality when carrying puppies, but the little ones will also need more regular vet visits as well as top-notch food. The owners of the larger breeds have to remember their pets require highly expensive food, while vet visits and vaccinations are crucial, and bring additional cost as well.

A lot of people consider purebred dogs similar to robots that act and look the same. If the reality was like that, the dog owners could simply decide what traits they prefer and pick the breed with the desired traits. Just like ordering a book or a mobile phone on the internet. But the truth is, the puppies grow up and…their acting and the way they look differ from what you’ve expected! That’s because some dogs simply don’t seem to “conform to the accepted norm” for a particular breed, and you have to deal with that.

All this is usually done to poor animals because people believe the dogs with a particular appearance look cute and beautiful. Almost every breed faces the negative effects from breeding. Before buying a dog like that, think whether you would like to keep these breeding practices growing. As long as we support the demand, there will always be a supply.


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Food Essay Sample: Waffles – Genesis

waffles genesisIn case street food is one of the most significant perks of your city, you have an amazing opportunity to enjoy a little taste of Belgium that is called the waffles. Without having to go abroad, you can travel to the old Europe and lightly touch it with your fingertips. Even though a lot of people in the US have not the slightest idea where this small country actually is, they know it has given an amazing culinary gift to the world. Continue reading

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Sample Essay: First Tesla Autopilot Death and Its Consequences

car gif
The world has faced the first fatal crash that involved an autopilot car. According to the information provided by a witness, the Tesla driver was in the middle of watching a well-known “Harry Potter” movie, when the accident happened in Florida.
Besides, he was driving so fast that somehow he managed to go so fast through the trailer that the truck driver Frank Baressi didn’t even see him.
The name of the deceased was Joshua Brown. The death of a man of 40 raises a bunch of further questions regarding the car crash in Williston that occurred when Mr. Brown put the car into the Tesla self-driving mode. The latter is known to control the vehicle when it’s driving on the highway. Continue reading

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The Meaning of Brexit for Europe: Sample Essay on European Union

brexit essay
Before the end of 2017, the citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain are required to make the final decision regarding whether their homeland remains the part of EU or…not. British voters have always been quite skeptical about European Union and being a part of it. However, this distrust has never been that sharp and about to grow into a real break free from the partnership.
Both the citizens and the UK lawmakers are pretty frustrated with how the things are going and hoping David Cameron will negotiate in a way that will let them set a new agreement with the consortium. In case the British leader fails to do so, the voters will get an excuse to make a decision that will let Britain exit.
One matter that has been pushing the Brexit issue is related to the immigration. For many years, a lot of polls have proved that immigration was on the top of the concerns list of UK people. Continue reading

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Essay Sample on Nikola Tesla and His Inventions

Nikola TeslaSerbian-American Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, in Croatia. Famous physicist and engineer is most known for his significant contributions to the area of modern alternating electricity system. Even though Nikola Tesla had died poor in 1943, both inventions and reputation of this man stand behind the modern popular culture resurgence, where Tesla is now being portrayed in various video games, films, music and so on. Let’s take a look at what this incredible man has given to us.
Nikola Tesla wasn’t the inventor of light, of course. However, he had really invented how this very light can be both – harnessed and distributed. In his laboratory, Tesla managed to develop and use a range of fluorescent bulbs some forty years before the scientists within this area actually ‘invented’ them. Continue reading

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Essay Sample on Memory and Exercise

mother and child physical activityAre you dreaming about a sharper memory? Turn the laptop off and lace your sneakers up. Wait up, make sure to finish reading! The latest studies prove that physical exercises can improve your memory greatly. According to the researches, regular exercises tend to boost blood flow to human brain part that is responsible for memory, even individuals in a pretty bad shape. As revealed by the study performed by the specialist of the University of British Columbia, regular aerobic exercises (the ones that make your sweat glands and heart pump) boost the hippocampus size – the area in brain that is involved in learning and verbal memory. At the same time, muscle toning and desistance training don’t bring the same results.

During regular exercises, nerve cells tend to release proteins that are called ‘neurotrophic factors.’ For instance, one of them is known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF. It is triggering a great number of the other chemicals that keep up the neural health, as well as benefiting a range of cognitive functions, such as learning.

Remember, the intensity level of your exercises makes a difference as well. According to the study in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, the individuals learned various vocabulary words 20% faster after a course of intense work-out. At the same time, low-intensity activities did not have the effect mentioned above. The individuals, who gave their preference to the exercises that were more demanding, turned out to have a bigger spike in the BDNF level of their brain, epinephrine and dopamine. In other words, the more you tend to challenge your body, the more benefits you will provide for your gray matter. Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Essay Sample: The Apple Company

steve jobs animated gifSteve Jobs died at the age of 56 in October, 2011. He was the founder and the CEO of famous Apple. At the same time, this man was a successful entrepreneur, who brought the name of his company to the international arena.

Jobs got his start in business with Steve Wozniak. Together they decided to build the so-called blue boxes used by the phone phreakers, this way having an opportunity to make free calls all over the US. The next item sold was the Apple I that required users to add a keyboard and a monitor in order to start working. While Jobs was dealing with the sales, Wozniak was handling most of the construction. This provided them with a chance to gain enough funds to invest in producing the Apple II that was the cornerstone of the company. In 1977, the Apple company was officially incorporated.

By the end of 1978, the company was making $2 million in profits. However, the Apple II was not the high-tech item, but it really provided the computer fans with a chance to create as well as sell the programs they developed. In 1980, the company went completely public. While Jobs was a person of an intense style, his colleague Wozniak was a silent guru, who did his best to make the vision work. However, in 1983 John Sculley was added to the executive board. In two years, Steve Jobs was ousted in favor of John Sculley.
So, Jobs had lost his position. But bottom line – he was rich as hell even though he did not work for Apple. From 1985 to 1996, Steve was engaged in two huge issues; the very first was the investment. In 1986, he bought a controlling stake in Pixar. Even though the company was having hard times, its success led to the IPO or initial public offering that added $1 billion to the Steve’s bank account.

The next point in Steve’s life was the creation of NeXT to produce high-end machines. These were highly expensive computers equipped with an OS that was created to make the UNIX power suitable for a graphical user interface. Soon, it turned out that NeXT ended up being a winner and the Apple was about to replace its OS. In 1996, the company purchased NeXT for its OS. As a result, Jobs was brought back to the very first company he created from scratch.

Unfortunately, the company Steve Jobs got back to was not as strong and successful as before. It was Jobs, who had to take the Apple back on track and become a leader. In order to bring the good times back, he took some totally drastic steps. The company was provided with a $150 million investment by Bill Gates. The funds were used to fire up ads as well as bring light on the products the company already had in store.

The NeXT OS was used in order to create well-known iMac. That was the first hit PC of the company in a very long period of time. Steve Jobs followed this up with some other famous hits like iPod and iPad in 2001 and 2010 respectively.

There is much more that can be said about Steve Jobs and the way he climbed the tech Olympus. The solid belief that you’re capable to do more, the never seeming to end entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to know more – every person has something to learn from the life of Steve Jobs and apply it to achieve the dream goals.


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Essay Sample on Child Labor in China

kid chinaIt would be so good to be able to say that there is no such issue as child labor in China. But the truth is that even though it’s banned and strictly limited in the country, it is emerging again all over the land as the new factories are being launched. In contrast to the other countries of the globe, child labor is not that widespread in China. At the same time, it shows up the consequences of the chaotic development in the race to lower the costs, as a response to multiple demands for the cheapest products. To cut it, we all are responsible for it to some extent.

About 15 years ago, the country managed to eliminate the most of child labor issues by providing universal primary education. But it’s hard to measure up the issue since it is usually hidden away in the factories owned by large companies. The new problem comes with the child kidnapping. The number of children that are disappearing is getting higher every day. They’re forced to engage in hard work, including prostitution. Continue reading

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