Sample Essay on Education Abroad: Is That So Easy to Enter the Dream University?

world photography day 2017All young and smart people dream about studying at a college or university. Of course, the choice and reasons are different. Accordingly, they prefer different places to study. Some of them even prefer education abroad. This is a common practice. Other countries and educational institutions located there have different benefits. Notwithstanding, there are difficulties associated with entering the university of your dream.

It is crucial to plainly understand all complications that may appear in your way when you are willing to enter a university in a foreign country. Some of them are pretty obvious. In the meanwhile, some are not so plain. At any rate, you should make allowances for each point. This is critical because they may negatively affect you, and you may even change your mind and remain in the USA.

Let’s have a closer look on some really essential difficulties. The most popular is a feeling like a total stranger. This is the most obvious complication when entering a foreign university. You will study at least 4 years in another country, which is strange to you in many aspects. Even if you have always loved this country, you may experience the cultural shock and will not be able to remain there. Feeling like an outsider is similar to the feeling of a total stranger. This issue may happen to anyone regardless of the place he/she is from. However, the context of studying abroad may complicate it much stronger than if being in the native land. You will be uncomfortable about many weird things, which are not the custom in your country. Everybody will know that you are an “outsider”, as you came from a different location. This may increase tension. Overcoming the language barrier is a big challenge. This is another obvious reason why you might feel weird and inconvenient. Of course, some people are predisposed to learning foreign languages quickly. Nevertheless, this may become a huge trouble. You may even think that you know the language perfectly. However, when hearing the native speakers, anyone can get confused for some period of time. The pronunciation, slang words, and other details greatly complicate the process of adaptation and comprehension. Homesickness is another “illness” of many students. Other students may get frustrated and fall into depression when being too far from home. Some people may be totally confident that they will not have the homesick. However, it could be possibly quite different when we face the reality.

And the last difficult thing is coping with cultural misunderstandings. Another country means different cultural values. Though they might be pretty interesting, you will definitely require some time to get used to all the peculiarities. Some of your actions may be considered as an assault. Therefore, you ought to be very careful.

As you can see, the given above reasons are crucial and may change your mind. You should think twice prior to going to another country to study. Nevertheless, if you are confident and determined that you need it and can cope with it, you will overcome all the obstacles.


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