20 Topics on Diets for a College Essays in Medicine

saladChoosing a topic for your college paper or essay can be quite tasking. There are lots of issues to write about and lots of things to say. You may be lucky enough to have your topic narrowed to food and diet.

Food is universal to everybody, and being one of the basic needs for survival, food has a lot of role in the human body. There are lots of points to write about nutrition and diet; the different types, their functions, the origin of some diets, food fads, effective diets, non-effective diets, and even dangerous diets.

Better still, you can go for engaging controversial topics that stir up conversations. For example the relevance of some special diets on the quality of human living. You will definitely have a lot to say here.

You can see that with all these varieties of ideas to choose from, picking a suitable topic can still be a problem. Which topic is the best to write on? And how do you craft these ideas into suitable topics? This problem is half-solved.

Which is why we came up with a sample of twenty engaging topics you can choose from. These ideas are more than writing prompts, they are detailed topics created for you to have a brilliant paper! Let’s get started!

  1. The Story behind Ketogenic Diet: Fact or Fiction?
  2. Effects of Fibre Rich Foods on Cholesterol Excretion
  3. The Mediterranean Diet: Red Wine, Olive Oil, and Good Health
  4. Diabetes Mellitus and What you Eat: Finding the Link
  5. Lactose Intolerance and Milk Substitutes
  6. The Vegetarianism: Is It a Good Idea to Take Vegetarian’s Side?
  7. The Effect of Animal-Free Food on the Gut
  8. Alcoholism and Chronic Liver Disease
  9. What You Should Know about Food Additives
  10. Is Honey a Better Substitute for Sugar?
  11. Debunking the Sugar Myth
  12. Alkaline Diet: Knowing the Effects and Pitfalls
  13. What an Effective Diet Plan Should Look Like
  14. Anabolic Foods: Sources, Functions, and Effects
  15. The Connection between Smoked Food and Gastric Cancer
  16. The Fruit Diet Fad
  17. Why You Should Eat More Carbohydrates
  18. Eat More Often to Lose Weight: A Silly Piece of Advice or a Must-Follow Route
  19. The Western Diet and Metabolic Syndrome
  20. Hypervitaminosis: Malnutrition of the Affluent

You can pick a handful of any of these brilliant topics to write your essay on. You could start by picking the best list of ten which you can scale then to five. Next, you can pick the best topic out of the five.

Another good way is to ask colleagues, friends, and family members for their personal opinion on the topic you prefer. Their responses could surprise you!

To get the best of these topics, remember to go for issues that mean something to you. Also remember to get as much information as you can through research, asking questions, and of course, surfing through journals and previous articles.

Fortunately, any topic you chose is sure to make your paper brilliant. They are all relevant, engaging, and some are even controversial enough to strike up conversations. Good luck!

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