Stand Up to Bullying Day: 20 Topics on Bullying to Make the Audience Think

violence against womenBullying is a serious issue that has been in existence for some time now. Millions of children, teenagers, and students are affected by bullying. The physical and mental health issues caused by bullying have a resultant effect on both the kids who were bullied and their parents.

Fortunately, a lot of awareness continues to grow about the issue of bullying in different nations all over the world. We have an international STAND UP to Bullying Day. This is a special event when participants put on a signed ping “pledged shirt.” The entire program is aimed at taking a visible stand against bullying.

Students are usually confused when it comes to coming up with research topics about bullying. As we anticipate the STAND UP to Bullying Day on the 23d of February 2018, here are 20 topics on bullying that can give the audience something to think about.

  1. A Descriptive Study of Bullying at the Middle School Level
  2. Bullying as a Serious Issue: What Things Can Be Done to Identify and Prevent Bullying?
  3. Standing up for the Defenseless: What Protocols Can Be Put in Place to Help Support Kids Who Were Bullied
  4. Bullying and Technology: Explain the Impacts of Advancements in Technology on Bullying
  5. Discuss the Best Way to Convince Someone to Stop Bullying Their Colleagues
  6. Discuss the Resultant Impact of Constant Bullying on the Life of a Student
  7. Workplace Bullying: How Can Bullying Occur in a Workplace Environment? How Best Can It Be Handled?
  8. What Are the Challenges That May Come Your Way for Standing Up for Someone Who Is Bullied?
  9. Explain Possible Scenarios of Bullying in Everyday Life
  10. What Actions Can Be Carried out to Check the Act of Bullying?
  11. Effect of Cyberbullying: How Are Cyberbullies Making Life Hard for Those They Do Not See or Know?
  12. Where Does Bullying Occur the Most? In School? During Activities Outside the School?
  13. Bullying and Teasing: How Can You Differentiate Between These Two?
  14. Seeking Help: Who Should You Report to or Seek Help from When Being Bullied – A Teacher or an Adult?
  15. A Case Study of a Recognized Bully: Strategy and Practice Implications
  16. Bullying and Parenting: Is Bullying a Resultant Effect of Improper Parenting
  17. What Are the Best Ways of Dealing with Larger Issues of Child Bullying?
  18. Narrate a Case Study of Bullying and How It Was Successfully Resolved
  19. Prescribe Possible Measures That Can Be Taken to Counter Bullying
  20. Best Practices to Help Prevent and Address Bullying

Bullying is a good example of youth violence that pose a threat to the existence of young people. Several cases of bullying leading to physical injuries, educational problems, emotional, and social problems are witnessed within our immediate society every now and then. Listed above are some topics on bullying that will make your audience think for sure.

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