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20 Topics on Winter Holidays in Different Countries

woman winterWinter holidays are always packed with fun and anticipation of the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. It’s no wonder that winter holidays always inspire us to hope.

People all over the world celebrate Christmas differently, according to the culture, beliefs, and tradition in the area. This gives us a lot of ideas to write on; Hanukkah, St Nicholas Day, St Lucia’s Day, The Three Kings Day, New Year, Winter Solstice, and so on.

Also when it comes to writing about Christmas, there is a lot to talk about, from food and decorations to traditions and clothes as well as Christmas shopping lists!

These topics are engaging and sure to strike up conversations among your readers. These topics are more than just writing prompts, they are specific, to the point and quite streamlined. You may plan on writing about Christmas traditions, toys, foods, the different types of winter holidays and their significance, or about winter itself. Whatever idea you have in mind, rest assured that there is a topic here that suits it. Read on!

  1. Is Santa Really from the North Pole?
  2. Hanukkah: In the Footsteps of the Jews
  3. Santa’s Nice and Naughty List: Rewarding Kids for Good Behaviour
  4. St Nicholas Day: Remembering a Real Santa Claus
  5. Festivals That Celebrate the Winter Solstice
  6. Celebrating Three Kings Day in Spain
  7. Happy New Year: The New Year’s Resolutions, Last Minute Shopping, and Midnight
  8. Five Ways to Share in the Joy of Christmas
  9. Five Brilliant Ways to Cut Back on Inflated Christmas Shopping Prices
  10. Giving Christmas Clothes: The African Tradition
  11. Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Won’t Work This Time
  12. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve: Exploring America’s Culture of Gratitude
  13. Why Christmas Remains the Most Celebrated Winter Holiday
  14. Flu, Colds, and Frost Bites: Jack Frost Came Visiting
  15. The Origin of the Snowman
  16. Why the Toy Industry Remains Interested in Santa Claus
  17. Christmas Trees and Why We Should Plant More Trees
  18. Does Everybody Love Christmas?
  19. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny: Deciding a Kid’s Favourite
  20. St Lucia’s Day in Sweden: Celebrating the Girl Child

Winter holidays are here already! A brilliant paper may just be what you need to start the celebration. Pick any of these brilliant topics to get started.

To get the best of these topics, remember to go for problems that are interesting to you. Also, remember to get as much information as you can through research. After all, everybody is interested in the festive holidays, and they may just be interested in contributing. And who knows? Their ideas may just surprise you!

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20 Topics on Diets for a College Essays in Medicine

saladChoosing a topic for your college paper or essay can be quite tasking. There are lots of issues to write about and lots of things to say. You may be lucky enough to have your topic narrowed to food and diet.

Food is universal to everybody, and being one of the basic needs for survival, food has a lot of role in the human body. There are lots of points to write about nutrition and diet; the different types, their functions, the origin of some diets, food fads, effective diets, non-effective diets, and even dangerous diets.

Better still, you can go for engaging controversial topics that stir up conversations. For example the relevance of some special diets on the quality of human living. You will definitely have a lot to say here.

You can see that with all these varieties of ideas to choose from, picking a suitable topic can still be a problem. Which topic is the best to write on? And how do you craft these ideas into suitable topics? This problem is half-solved.

Which is why we came up with a sample of twenty engaging topics you can choose from. These ideas are more than writing prompts, they are detailed topics created for you to have a brilliant paper! Let’s get started!

  1. The Story behind Ketogenic Diet: Fact or Fiction?
  2. Effects of Fibre Rich Foods on Cholesterol Excretion
  3. The Mediterranean Diet: Red Wine, Olive Oil, and Good Health
  4. Diabetes Mellitus and What you Eat: Finding the Link
  5. Lactose Intolerance and Milk Substitutes
  6. The Vegetarianism: Is It a Good Idea to Take Vegetarian’s Side?
  7. The Effect of Animal-Free Food on the Gut
  8. Alcoholism and Chronic Liver Disease
  9. What You Should Know about Food Additives
  10. Is Honey a Better Substitute for Sugar?
  11. Debunking the Sugar Myth
  12. Alkaline Diet: Knowing the Effects and Pitfalls
  13. What an Effective Diet Plan Should Look Like
  14. Anabolic Foods: Sources, Functions, and Effects
  15. The Connection between Smoked Food and Gastric Cancer
  16. The Fruit Diet Fad
  17. Why You Should Eat More Carbohydrates
  18. Eat More Often to Lose Weight: A Silly Piece of Advice or a Must-Follow Route
  19. The Western Diet and Metabolic Syndrome
  20. Hypervitaminosis: Malnutrition of the Affluent

You can pick a handful of any of these brilliant topics to write your essay on. You could start by picking the best list of ten which you can scale then to five. Next, you can pick the best topic out of the five.

Another good way is to ask colleagues, friends, and family members for their personal opinion on the topic you prefer. Their responses could surprise you!

To get the best of these topics, remember to go for issues that mean something to you. Also remember to get as much information as you can through research, asking questions, and of course, surfing through journals and previous articles.

Fortunately, any topic you chose is sure to make your paper brilliant. They are all relevant, engaging, and some are even controversial enough to strike up conversations. Good luck!

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Sample Essay on the Halloween Traditions in Japan

halloweenMany of your college classes, especially those involving global cultural studies or comparable topics, may require you to write about traditions in other countries. This sample essay will serve as an example for you on how to write an essay about holiday traditions in Japan – specifically, Halloween traditions.

Halloween, though not originally an American holiday – the traditional Samhain celebration that inspired Halloween was established by the Celts – has typically been regarded as a western tradition. However, this frighteningly fun holiday is beginning to take spooky roots in other cultures, such as Japan. Their customs are similar to those practiced in the United States, but also boast some fascinating differences.

Celebrations of Halloween in Japan typically don’t include trick-or-treaters. Japanese youngsters may celebrate the holiday at schools, particularly if they attend international schools, but don’t expect to see young goblins wandering from door to door begging for candies. Japanese culture is guided by the principle of avoiding “being a pain or bother to someone else.” Because Japanese children are taught not to inconvenience others, trick-or-treating will likely never become as popular in Japan as it is in the United States.

Instead, Halloween in Japan is geared more towards adults who like to dress in costumes and attend bars as well as parties that serve alcohol. Celebrations are typically held in shopping malls, bars, and theme parks in September and October. Other common events, which are also held in the United States, might include zombie runs, costume parties, parades, and flash-mobs. Ghost stories and haunted houses are just as common in Japan as they are in the United States.

Let’s not forget about dressing up! Japan invented the hobby of “cosplaying,” or a costume play. This is popular among children and adults in Japan, who often dress up to go to work, school, or Halloween-themed events. Just like in the United States, Japan sees a huge increase in commercialism surrounding the Halloween holiday, with pumpkins, decorated desserts, and media centering around Halloween. Although orange and black are traditional Halloween colors in the United States, purple and green are the habitual colors of the season in Japan. Common foods eaten during this time include purple yams, themed foods, and, of course, pumpkins.

Halloween in Japan only recently became a popular custom after Tokyo Disneyland began to celebrate the holiday. Tokyo Disneyland held its first Halloween extravaganza in 2000, and every year since, it has become larger and more extravagant. Universal Studios Japan in Osaka also recently began to celebrate the holiday. These parks provided a pathway for Japanese people to become introduced to, and enjoy the Halloween celebration. Moreover, it provided a financial boom for businesses wishing to cash into the craze.

This shift was great news for many Japanese people, who used to view Halloween simply as an opportunity for silly foreigners to dress up in random costumes, and drink alcohol on public transportation. Now, Japanese citizens are becoming more used to the holiday, and less aggravated about holiday celebrations delaying traffic. Halloween is rapidly becoming a global tradition – here are so many spooky stories and tantalizing sugar highs.


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20 Topics for Politics Papers: What Worries People the Most?

womanStudents certainly have a lot on their plates – from last-minute study sessions for that big final exam to writing tomes of research papers and figuring out how to pay for soul-crushing student loans. Yet politics is another area of concern, and students are no stranger to political turmoil. In fact, student involvement in the Vietnam War has made a significant impact on the progression of our country. By writing a paper about a topic that you and your fellow students feel strongly about, you may be opening the door to further inquiry about issues that need to be resolved. In fact, most political change has been created and inspired by young students studying these types of issues in college classes and through extracurricular activities. Here are some great ideas for political papers if you’re looking to write a college-level paper that truly makes a difference.

  1. Should Public Institutions Offer Free Tuition to In- Or Out- of State Students? What Requirements Should There Be for This to Occur, Both to Students and Taxpayers?
  2. How Can the Government Increase the Availability of Jobs So That They Will Be Available When I Graduate?
  3. How Can Healthcare Be Made More Affordable During College Years – and Beyond?
  4. How Can Students Be Better Prepared for College after Leaving High School, Both Academically and Otherwise?
  5. How Can College and Workplace Discrimination Against Religious, Gender, and Cultural Minorities Be Prevented and Addressed?
  6. How Does Corruption Influence Campaign Financing and Political Elections?
  7. How Should the Government Deal With Issues Such As Access to Birth Control?
  8. What Impact Does Abortion Have on College Completion Rates?
  9. How Can the Government Reduce Housing Expenses?
  10. How Can the Government Help to Influence LGBTQ Equality on College Campuses and Beyond?
  11. How Can Colleges Be Made More Affordable for all Students?
  12. Should Minimum Wage Be Raised — or Lowered? What Impact Would This Change Have?
  13. Is College Even Worth It?
  14. How Can The Cost Of Healthcare Be Lowered While Increasing Access for All?
  15. Why Are Labor Unions Significant for College Students?
  16. Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered Back Down to 18?
  17. How Should Good Samaritan Laws Be Adjusted to Accommodate for Drinking and Drug Concerns on College Campuses?
  18. How Has the Government Handled Issues of Sexual Assault?
  19. How Should the Government Address Religious Tensions on College Campuses?
  20. What Is the “Privilege” Gap and How Does It Address College Students?

When considering a topic to write for your politically-focused research paper, it’s best to hone in on the topics you personally care about most. Choose a topic that is near and dear to you, or your paper won’t sound genuine. Take the time to investigate issues that are commonly discussed (perhaps even protested, studied in classes, or addressed by campus groups) at your school. Consider interviewing fellow classmates and professors to find out what topics relate to them most. A closely researched close-to-the-heart topic will produce an excellent, profound body of work.

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Some Entertainment Is Essential: 20 Topics for Papers about World Autumn Holidays

food stylingThere are many holidays celebrated throughout the world some are celebrated by many (such as Christmas) and others that are rarer (Bosses Day, etc.) by a little number of people. When you are writing a paper for a college class about a fall holiday, you might be tempted to write a generic paper about the history of fall holidays, such as Halloween or Thanksgiving day. However, there are so many interesting and engaging topics that you could choose from. These topics will allow you to wow any audience and snag an ‘A’. Here are some ideas:

  1. What Specific Atmospheric Changes Cause Fall Weather and Conditions?
  2. What Happens to Our Hormone Levels In Fall — and Why Does Our Testosterone Peak In the Autumn Months?
  3. What Fall Harvest Traditions Exist Currently, and What Older Traditions Were Honored by Other Cultures?
  4. What’s the Deal With All the Pumpkin Spice?
  5. What Is The Dark History of Trick-or-Treating?
  6. Is Halloween More Irish Than St. Patrick’s Day?
  7. What Are Traditional Halloween Costumes and Why Are They More Sinister?
  8. The Modern Jack-o-Lantern: How It Has Evolved
  9. Is Halloween Really a Time for Romance?
  10. Why Does The Aspca Ban the Adoption of Black Cats During Halloween?
  11. How Did Thanksgiving Inspire the Advent of the TV Dinner?
  12. Why Are Americans So Obsessed With Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
  13. Does That Thanksgiving Turkey Actually Make You Drowsy?
  14. What Are The Origins Of Black Friday?
  15. What Are The Ins and Outs of Canadian, vs. American, Thanksgiving, and What Are the Similarities and Differences?
  16. What Are Some of The Odd Holidays of October – Why Do We Celebrate a National Popcorn Popping Month?
  17. What’s the Deal with Veterans Day – Why Don’t All Businesses Honor It?
  18. What Is The History of the Christmas-Thanksgiving Takeover — And Why Is Our Fall Celebration Season Is Becoming Shorter?
  19. If 91% of Americans Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving – What Do The Rest Eat?
  20. What Is The Significance and History of the American Presidential Turkey Pardon?

Fall is a time of whimsy, change, and celebration. Fall holidays have fascinating origins, and they certainly vary by culture and over time. If you’re exploring one of these topics, it might be interesting to think about your family history and the traditions that your particular community follows. Fall holidays are unique to every family. Consider interviewing family, friends, and older relatives to find out where your traditions fall. Writing a paper on these topics must be backed by research, but will be made infinitely more fascinating by incorporating your own history, preferences, and traditions. Whether you select one of these topics or come up with your own entertaining subject, your paper is sure to delight if you err on the side of the unusual. Take the time to research your topic carefully, and be sure to research the ins and outs of how various groups of people celebrate these holidays before you start to write!

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Sample Essay on Useful Relaxation: How to Have Rest with the High Profit to Education?

girl in room photographyThis article on relaxation could be useful for a college student willing to create papers on how to link academic success to hobbies and other extracurricular activities.

Everybody needs a hobby or a way to relax. There is nothing worse than finding yourself worn down and worked to the bone by relentless work and exhausting to-do lists. Hobbies can help you unwind and relax while pursuing something that interests you. Many people can turn their hobbies into marketable skills that enhance their productivity and overall character.

Cooking is a great example of one of these hobbies. If you need to eat (and we all do), you need to cook. Cooking can improve your overall health by teaching you how to incorporate fresh, healthy ingredients, and it’s a great way to relax at the end of a long day. In cooking a meal, you must focus entirely on each aspect of the process, and you will be rewarded with a delicious product in the end. Goodbye, freshman fifteen!

Exercising is another thing that leads to long-term benefits. Whether you like hiking, skiing, jogging, or swimming, any form of exercise helps give your brain a boost. Exercises boost the blood flow, and if you choose to engage in outdoor exercises, you’ll enjoy the additional benefit of fresh air and vitamin D. They allow you to unwind by taking your mind off everything you need to do, and refreshing your brain so that you are ready to work later on.

Another wonderful, brain-boosting activity is an artistic endeavor. Whether you enjoy painting, sculpting, or drawing, art allows you to express creativity and gain perspective on life. It allows you to tap into your innermost (often unconscious) thoughts and desires and will inspire you to be more productive in other areas. Being creative helps you work through other problems you might be encountering in your life, and allows you to unleash them in your work so that you are not burdened by them later.

Finally, reading is a hobby that seems to host obvious benefits for your academic success. Reading can be done anytime, and anywhere, it allows your body to truly relax. Your brain can enter into the world of the book and provide you with a true escape from the stress of the day. If you choose to read fiction, you have the opportunity to escape from reality for a while. If you prefer non-fiction, you can take the opportunity to read about a new topic you’d like to learn, such as gardening, knitting, or cosplaying (all additional hobbies that benefit your academic well-being!) You can learn about new worlds, cultures, hobbies, or professions, allowing you to branch out into areas you would never have thought about. This is a boost to your self-esteem, as well as to your professional life.

Don’t spend your leisure hours being a bump on a log. Develop a skill, or hone your mental abilities. Leisure time is an opportune time to explore something that interests you, while at the same time shaking off the stress of the day. Begin exploring one of these hobbies now to discover who you truly are and what you are capable of.


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20 Topics on Life-Hacks or What to Dedicate the Economics College Paper to?

officeRegardless of your educational institution, you will definitely have to deal with written academic assignments. They are various and have different requirements. A lot depends on your faculty, your supervisor, the assignment type, and the academic discipline. Regardless of all mentioned factors, it would be significant to pick up the right topic.

Why is it so important to choose the topic for your paper correctly? Well, if you choose a dull topic, which is not interesting for anybody, you would hardly involve the readers. Moreover, you will experience great difficulties when writing your paper because there would be no enthusiasm as well as nothing to write about.

Your topic is supposed to be intriguing and captivating. It should be relevant and discover some serious problem. Otherwise, nobody would like to read the whole paper. In addition, you should decide whether it would be easy and interesting to discover this or that issue.

At times, it is difficult to choose a proper topic due to the complexity of a discipline or the lack of interesting topics. However, if you are studying in an Economics College you will not have such a difficulty. There are many good topics, which would be a pleasure to discover.
Here is a list of some great ideas that you can make use of:

  1. Are the Benefits of College Worth Spending Money?
  2. Poverty, Income, and Wealth Distribution: Are Our Resources Scarce in Relation to Our Needs?
  3. What Does Scarcity Imply?
  4. The Main Opportunities Gained with the Help of the “Market Force”
  5. Is the 2008 Collapse of Economy Over for Today?
  6. Health Care and the Influence of the Cost
  7. Does the Environmental Pollution Have Any Relation with “Market”?
  8. Is It Necessary to Implement Some Restrictions to the Ownership of Private Property?
  9. The Major Issues of The Economic Growth in Canada
  10. Is There Any World Food Crisis? What Are Its Signs?
  11. Is It Possible to Escape Poverty?
  12. The Economic Hegemony in Australia
  13. The Main Clues to the Economic Success in China
  14. Is It Necessary to Reform the Current Economic Situation in the United States of America?
  15. What Are Main Possible Benefits of the Huge Charities?
  16. Is the Crisis of “Access Capacity” Solvable?
  17. Why Is the World Economy Sliding Down Despite Quantitative Easing?
  18. What Factors Weaken the Economic Situation on the African Continent?
  19. Does the United Kingdom Have Future Outside the European Union?
  20. The Issue of Unemployment in the U.S.A. and Its Consequences for the Economy of the Country

Make allowances for these topics as they may come in handy when you need to create an interesting Economics paper. These are real “life-hacks” because they highlight important issues and events.

No matter where you have got the topic from. Make sure that they are relevant as well as that they highlight the economic developments of great importance.

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20 Topics for a Sociology Paper: What Builds the Student’s View of Life?

team buildingThe importance of the correctly chosen topic is actually huge. If making the wrong choice, you will lose many essential grades. How is that possible? Your topic is your first message to the potential audience. You point out what you are going to reveal to your readers. If your topic is boring, the whole story will not interest anyone.

Possibly, some may call the choosing of the topic a kind of art. You should make a deep research on all variables. You are to pick up the guideline, which would be relevant and interesting to your readers. At the same time, you ought to be sure that it will be easy for you to call the audience to the dispute on the chosen issue. If there is nothing to discuss, it is better to change the topic.

The possibility to choose a good topic strongly depends on the academic discipline. If you are to write a sociology paper, you will have a wide range of opportunities. You will be especially lucky if you should highlight some essential issues of the student life and the way various factors affect the building of their views of life.

Here is a special pickup that may be very useful for you. Make allowances for these guidelines:

  1. The Reasons That Affected Your College Choice
  2. What Is Your Greatest Fear at a College?
  3. How to Manage Stress While Studying at a College?
  4. What Is The Biggest Academic Challenge?
  5. Is It Possible to Combine Your Studies and Work?
  6. The Main Benefits of Studying Abroad
  7. Why Do Students Wish to Study in Other Countries?
  8. Who Or What Inspires You to Study Hard?
  9. The Importance of College Communities in Your Opinion
  10. The Problems of Discipline on the Campus and Their Consequences
  11. Acts of Vandalism Amongst Students and Their Effects
  12. Why Do Some Students Commit Crimes?
  13. Is Your College Occupation the Factor That Determines Your Behavior?
  14. How Can Family Problems Affect the Academic Progress of a Student?
  15. Does the Obligation of Wearing a Definite Uniform Restrict the Originality of Students?
  16. What Factors Help to Succeed in Studies?
  17. Is the Education Program Good Enough to Promote the Self-development of Students?
  18. The Meaning of Arts for the Inner Growth of Students
  19. The Attitude Towards Racism and Its Importance for the Life at a College
  20. How to Succeed at a College If You Are an Introvert?

As you can see, these topics point out some essential guidelines, which are relevant for the modern society. Therefore, you may select one or more out of this list to disclose in your paper.

There are many intriguing issues to discuss. Make the proper choice, and you’ll succeed for sure.

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Sample Essay on Education Abroad: Is That So Easy to Enter the Dream University?

world photography day 2017All young and smart people dream about studying at a college or university. Of course, the choice and reasons are different. Accordingly, they prefer different places to study. Some of them even prefer education abroad. This is a common practice. Other countries and educational institutions located there have different benefits. Notwithstanding, there are difficulties associated with entering the university of your dream.

It is crucial to plainly understand all complications that may appear in your way when you are willing to enter a university in a foreign country. Some of them are pretty obvious. In the meanwhile, some are not so plain. At any rate, you should make allowances for each point. This is critical because they may negatively affect you, and you may even change your mind and remain in the USA.

Let’s have a closer look on some really essential difficulties. The most popular is a feeling like a total stranger. This is the most obvious complication when entering a foreign university. You will study at least 4 years in another country, which is strange to you in many aspects. Even if you have always loved this country, you may experience the cultural shock and will not be able to remain there. Feeling like an outsider is similar to the feeling of a total stranger. This issue may happen to anyone regardless of the place he/she is from. However, the context of studying abroad may complicate it much stronger than if being in the native land. You will be uncomfortable about many weird things, which are not the custom in your country. Everybody will know that you are an “outsider”, as you came from a different location. This may increase tension. Overcoming the language barrier is a big challenge. This is another obvious reason why you might feel weird and inconvenient. Of course, some people are predisposed to learning foreign languages quickly. Nevertheless, this may become a huge trouble. You may even think that you know the language perfectly. However, when hearing the native speakers, anyone can get confused for some period of time. The pronunciation, slang words, and other details greatly complicate the process of adaptation and comprehension. Homesickness is another “illness” of many students. Other students may get frustrated and fall into depression when being too far from home. Some people may be totally confident that they will not have the homesick. However, it could be possibly quite different when we face the reality.

And the last difficult thing is coping with cultural misunderstandings. Another country means different cultural values. Though they might be pretty interesting, you will definitely require some time to get used to all the peculiarities. Some of your actions may be considered as an assault. Therefore, you ought to be very careful.

As you can see, the given above reasons are crucial and may change your mind. You should think twice prior to going to another country to study. Nevertheless, if you are confident and determined that you need it and can cope with it, you will overcome all the obstacles.


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Sample Essay on the Sleep Loss: How the Issue Impacts College Students?

sleepingStudents have various difficulties on their way to get the desired education. Unfortunately, some of them are health complications. One of the most common and obvious health problems is sleep loss. There are multiple factors that lead to sleep disturbances. However, the common ones are abnormal stress associated with great pressure and too many excess hours spent on the performance of different kinds of academic tasks and duties.

Of course, the violations of the normal sleep regime are no good. They trigger lots of problems of different nature. Undoubtedly, they negatively influence the academic progress because sooner or later students stop enduring great tension and cannot cope with their assignments.

Here are some most vital as well as dangerous issues that impact college students when they suffer from sleep deprivations. Physical exhaustion is the most widespread among students. The normal slumber for each human ranges between 7 to 10 hours per day. If sleeping each night less than that time, you will gradually lose your strength and will get exhausted. This will trigger other health deviations. Chronic ailments is another problem. Sleep deficiency is related to the appearance of many chronic diseases, which may be heart complications, kidney disease, an increase in blood pressure, diabetes, and some other. It is worth mentioning an increased risk of accidents. Due to exhaustion, people lose proper focus and attention. They get easily tired and dizzy. Thus, sleep deprivation led to thousands of different accidents, which had bad consequences.

Professors also admit the lowering of higher brain functions. Sleep loss will lower your thinking skills. You will become slower in actions and thinking. You will experience violated abilities to concentrate, and your memory capacity will decrease as well. These processes are important for your learning skills and may sufficiently lower your rating.

Students complain of lowered sex drive. This is another crucial consequence, which is especially important for young people. Your stamina will reduce, and you may experience different kinds of sexual instability. This would involve some psychological issues.

Mental deviations are the things students should worry about. Sleep insufficiency leads to mental complications as well. One of the most widely spread is depression. However, you may likewise get overly anxious, irritated, aggressive, and receive some other behavioral deviations.

Girls mention skin aging and excess weight. Many studies prove that it makes our skin get older much faster than it should be. You may also have problems with your weight. In most occasions, people who are deprived of normal sleep tend to gain excess weight.

It is obvious that the list mentioned above gives a very plain image of how crucial sleep loss is. It affects students in various ways and leads to severe health problems. It goes without saying that any problems with health will have a negative influence on your academic progress.

Regardless of how complicated your tasks are, you should always find time for the proper sleep. Otherwise, there would be no sense for you to succeed.


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