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Expository Essay Sample on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a condition that is remarkable for anxiety, depression, panic attacks and fears. This disease is abbreviated as PTSD and arises as a consequence of traumatic and dangerous events such as war, rape, prison stay, or national disaster (such as flood or fire). Even in several years after the disaster, these people feel unsafe and empty. They need help, attention and compassion. According to the statistics, about 70% of the adult population in US has survived a stressful event at least once in life. And, consequently, 10% of people of different age, professions and nationalities suffer from this disorder. Continue reading

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Expository Essay Sample on Clinical Leadership

Modern medical staff faces a lot of problems every day and every hour of their work. It has to take immediate actions and to invent non-standard solutions. Various medical situations can be ambiguous; they need fast and qualified decisions, creative thinking and strong personalities. This is why the idea of clinical leadership generates many discussions about its necessary forms and ways to improve these personal qualities and the system as a whole. Continue reading

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Expository Essay Sample on Anorexia

anorexic people

Anorexia is a disease that is a result of the person’s nearly complete abstinence from food. It’s a psychological disease, which endangers health and requires serious treatment. Anorexic people try to keep a strict diet and if they have to eat something for one reason or another, for example, at the instance of parents or teachers, anorexic people make themselves vomit as soon as they leave the table. Anorexia usually affects women and girls who wish to be slim and look good. This is dictated by fashion standards that require models to be thin. Media and society promotes the idea of a perfect slim figure quite aggressively and slender images of celebrities affect mainstream people, especially young girls and teenagers. The other reason of anorexia can be sexual or emotional abuse that makes the person feel ugly, fat and nasty. Continue reading

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Expository Essay Sample on Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination has a long history and multiple forms and manifestations. It means that people can be treated in different ways and unfair just due to their sex. Now there are many women protective laws; nevertheless, this problem still exists and requires measures. There are many stereotypes that affect life of men and women. We don’t realize and analyze what can be the reasons of our behavior or actions that take some customs and traditions for granted, and we can unconsciously discriminate some people.

gender discrimination

Unfortunately, there are many fields of discrimination and the most common of them are education, employment, work, household and religion. Continue reading

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Expository Essay Sample on Peer Pressure in College

College years should be the happiest ones in life. The person is young, healthy, and envisaging further development. Studying should be not too difficult; it should leave some time for leisure, hobbies, traveling and communicating with people. Moreover, whole life is ahead and there are great opportunities to achieve many goals, become a professional in your field, build a carrier and your life. These years are remarkable because of the necessity to make the most important choices in your life. You have to choose your future occupation, field of study and university to enter. In addition, during these years, students often find the best friends and soul mates in their lives. Continue reading

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Expository Essay Sample on Student’s Excursion

expository essay sampleStudents’ excursions are popular now and many colleges use them as a part of educational program, considering them an essential and obligatory stage of studying. These trips are frequent and informative for junior students while senior students select them as optional activities. Excursions are usually organized on Sundays and Saturdays; they are conducted for a group of students accompanied by a teacher. Continue reading

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Write Powerpoint Presentation

For the majority of students, a presentation in front of their peers can be nerve-wracking. This is a normal feeling on the day of the presentation when it’s the student’s turn to present. However, a presentation for a coursework doesn’t need to be something which causes students more stress then they already have. There are many things that a student can do in order to prepare for a presentation which will make the experience more tolerable. First of all, the student should becoming familiar with their presentation topic. Continue reading

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