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20 Topics for Papers in Science: World-Famous Inventions and Discoveries Made in Winter

ChemistryWinter is a beautiful time of the year. Apart from the Christmas mood, holidays, and warm evenings with family, there is snow, cool types of sports, and different destinations that look like fairy tales. And there are various interesting facts that really fascinate: despite the tropical climate, places like Hawaii or the Sahara Desert can experience snowfalls. What is more, when January comes, the Earth appears to be in the closest position to the sun. It sounds absurd, but there are a lot of things that can surprise you.

In addition to these exciting facts and scientific explanations that stand behind them, there is much more – a great deal of scientific discoveries and inventions were made during this cold season. If you or your friends were born on the same dates with these important events, it will be even a greater cause to celebrate harder. And, while you’re already building plans for upcoming parties, we will present you a list of 20 topics on different inventions and discoveries that were made in winter.

  1. The Invention of the Telescope and the Perfections Galileo Made on December 3, 1621
  2. How the Car Industry Looked Like When the Volkswagen Trademark Was Registered
  3. How Mark Twain Patented Suspenders While Being a Brilliant Writer
  4. Magneto-Electric Machine: Discovery and Patent by Thomas Edison
  5. Who Created a Game Monopoly and What Was the Basis of It?
  6. How the Invention of the Endoscope Changed the Medicine in December 1918
  7. Walther Meissner and His Meissner Effect: The Discovery Important to Magnetic Fields
  8. The Discovery of Sulfuric Acid by John Glover on February 2, 1817
  9. The First Heavier-Than-Air Craft Flight in 1841: Clement Ader and His Invention
  10. How the First Maxim Gun Was Invented in February 1840
  11. The Ramsauer-Townsend Effect: The Cooperation of Gas and Atoms
  12. How the Sound Barrier Was Broken by Chuck Yeager
  13. The Artificial Kidney of the XX Century Invented in 1911
  14. The Creation of Ferrari in February of the XIX Century
  15. Heinrich Hertz – the First Man to Send and Get Radio Waves
  16. The Solution for the Blind: Braille Reading System Invented in January 1809
  17. The Creation of the Safety Razor and How It Changed the Life of Men
  18. Stephen Hawking Theories of Baby Universes and Black Holes, and How Public Accepted Them
  19. How LCD Was Synthesized: The Story of Albert Hofmann and the Big Day of January 11, 1906
  20. The Inventor of the First Film with Sound – Eugene Augustin Lauste

These topics will help you remember and appreciate the legacy that all of these amazing people left. So, choose one of the ideas that you like most, modify the title if you want and voila – you don’t need to spend hours racking your brain over good ideas for academic papers. Just use our list, and you’re all set for several years ahead. You’re welcome!

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20 Topics on Alcohol Abuse and How It Concerns College Students around the World

studentDid you know that every year 80 000 people die because of alcohol, and it’s only within the territory of the USA? Due to this number, alcohol is the 3rd cause of death that can be prevented. And the statistics also show that students are the age group that suffers from this substance the most.

Alcohol abuse is an extensive problem because it disrupts the social life of the young learners, their studies, and undermines their health. That’s why it is so essential to raise the awareness about the issue by writing essays on this topic. This way, you will learn much more about the problem and will be able to operate with the facts and numbers. What is more, under the impression, you will discuss the alcohol abuse with your friends and the word will spread. And to make it easier for you, we’ve come up with 20 topics on this issue so that you could choose any title within minutes instead of surfing the Internet in search of a suitable subject for hours. Look through them and pick the one that draws your attention the most.

  1. How Does Alcohol Abuse Influence the Academic Performance of Students?
  2. An Obligation to Drink: Alcohol as a Ritual and Means to Fit in
  3. Social Pressure and Expectations as the Main Reasons for Binge Drinking
  4. The Death Circumstances and Situations Related to Alcohol Abuse
  5. Why Do Young People Become Aggressive When They Are Under the Influence?
  6. The Rate of Sexual Assaults Connected with the Alcohol Misuse
  7. Suicide Attempts, Injuries and Other Consequences of the Alcohol Use Disorder
  8. The Problems of Implementation of the Underage Drinking Laws
  9. Student Groups That Are the Most Vulnerable and Susceptible to Binge Drinking
  10. Prevention Methods Taken by the College Administrations to Reduce the Impact of the Alcohol Abuse
  11. Which Alcohol Drinks Do Students Consume the Most and Can This Knowledge Help Solve the Problem?
  12. The Most Widespread Place of Tasting Alcohol for the 1st Time Is Home
  13. How Does Early Consumption of Alcohol Can Impact the Brain Development?
  14. Resources for Students That Support Sobriety: Where to Find Them and How to Popularize Them
  15. Which Rules Campuses Implement to Regulate the Alcohol Consumption by Students
  16. The Comparison of the Academic Progress of Students Who Don’t Drink and the Ones Who Have AUD
  17. Vandalism as One of the Major Consequences of Binge Drinking and Big Problem for Campuses
  18. How the Place Where Students Live Influences the Amount of Alcohol They Consume
  19. The First Signs of the AUD: Early Diagnose Will Prevent Many Health Issues
  20. Standard Drinking for Students and How Not to Overstep Them

Write academic essays that really matter – with these topics, you will be able to spread information that could save someone’s life! So, stop looking for worthy subjects because they are all here, waiting for you!

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Sample Essay on Folk Sayings: What to Wait for in Spring?

weather photos from spaceMost folk sayings are connected with nature. Many consider it to be true while some think they are just partially true. There are some folk sayings that one can utilize in achieving a particular objective in life. There are a number of old sayings connected with land fertility, temperature, weather, etc.

Folk sayings have huge implications for students. When making an oral speech, a deep knowledge of the human culture is required to add depth to the speech. It helps them express the social relations in the society.

Folk sayings perform a variety of functions. One of them is that they provide a glimpse of features and happenings that are fundamental to humankind.

Long ago before today, the weather became an important part of religion. Folk sayings on the weather were based on observation and wishful thinking.

Values need to be instilled in students to build and shape their character. This can be achieved using folk sayings as it contains sayings that teach knowledge and values. It inspires and prepares them for the truth. Folk sayings have often reflected the relationships between the nature and the organized system of men.

One of the folk sayings is about the weather of each season. Weather condition for the coming season is predicted using the present state of the weather. The old sayings are one of the ways to determine the weather if a winter is going to be snowy or cold or summer will be hot and sunny. Hot summer leads equally to a snowy winter.

Nevertheless, how random this saying appears to be, it usually takes place as predicted. Many people believe that the summer temperature becomes hotter because the Earth is closer to the sun during summer and further from the sun during the winter.

During the summer the sun rays hit the Earth at steep angles. The light doesn’t spread much which increases the amount of the ray energy that hits any spot. The higher the energy is emitted on the surface of the Earth, the stronger the winter cold.

During the winter, the sun rays hit the Earth at a mild angle. Unlike the summer sun rays, they spread out at a wider angle. This minimizes the amount of energy that gets hit at a particular spot. With this, the days and nights get less warmed up and make the winter a very cold one.

It appears that one can make this prediction; a very hot summer will likely lead to a snowy winter between January and February. Different individuals can utilize this folk saying in preparing for winter. With the less warm nights, a student will be able to protect himself from getting cold at night. This will, in turn, minimize missing school during winter due to cold.


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Sample Essay on Healthy Yet Harmful Products

food backgroundProper nutrition can enhance one’s well-being and yet pose as an enemy. Many individuals are stereotyped to believing that no harm could come out of the healthy food products that they consume. This takes place especially when an individual is living with certain health problems.

In the academic world, there are many foods that students eat that seem healthy. A little probe would unveil the masked danger that they have been ingesting. Much consideration should be given to how much healthy food they consume as this will go a long way imparting wrongly on their academic performance.

Fruit juice drink is a nice food product as it contains sugars such as glucose that is needed by the body. Though, this sort of drink can be harmful to the body when consumed excessively. This is because a fruit juice drink contains an excessive amount of fructose. The human body isn’t fashioned to handle the fructose overload. This can lead to obesity as the sugar that is not used is converted and stored as fats in the adipose tissues of your body.

Table salt is needed by the body as it acts as a source of the micronutrient iodine. An individual that is prone to or living with hypertension should evade taking salt excessively. When ingested more than required by the body, it leads to increase of blood pressure and loss of concentration.

Vegetable oils are another healthy yet harmful food product. Some vegetable oils such as canola oil are highly inflammatory. Various studies have discovered vegetable oil to be linked to learning disabilities and obesity.

The vegetable oil and margarine contain fatty acids which are required by the body in minimum amounts. These fatty acids, when taken in large amounts, get stored in the body as fats. Diabetic patients should be wary of this food as it can complicate further health conditions.

Microwave popcorn which is a highly sought-after food product in the market has a veiled threat to the human health. It has high levels of sodium and other questionable ingredients that are unfriendly towards the body.

Most healthy foods such as fruits juice, soya beans when ingested too much can lead to diabetes and reduce learning capabilities. These can cause detriment to an individual psychologically and physiologically.

Judging from the points above, it can be seen that healthy food is a friend and the same time a foe. Which side of it you see depends on how much you consume it.

One has to be attentive to the food eaten in order not to cause the body any disservice. Too much of anything they say is bad. One has to visit a nutritionist to help draft a diet menu. Various schools should look into reshuffling the school food menu in order to avoid attracting the risky effects of the healthy food products on the body.


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Sample Essay on Fat: Does It Really Bare Simply Harmful Effects?

berliner kageIt is no new thing that what we eat affects our physiological and psychological well-being in one way or the another. When people keep themselves well nourished, they will be eligible to participate in various activities. Fats are one of the food nutrients that have debated on whether it poses threat to the body.

Nutrition is seen as a mean of enhancing an individual’s academic performance. Student’s educational achievements have been linked to the quality of their nutrition. Studies have been conducted to verify if obesity is linked to a student’s academic achievements.

In developing countries, obesity caused by the accumulation of fats in the body has reached an alarming rate. There is an increasing concern over the rising obesity rates in our society. Many schools are doing research to see if there will be any need for reforming their food menus towards ensuring the safety and enhancing the academic performance of their students. It is also done because the socioeconomic personality of different individuals is formed and shaped at their childhood.

There were suggestions that the increase in body weight may play a role in the academic performance of a child. First, obese children have been found to be more absent from school, unlike their non-obese counterparts. This is seen on those that have chronic health issues such as diabetes and asthma. This increasing absence from school only leads to poor academic performance.

Research findings have proved that obese children are prone to suffer from low self-esteem. The majority of those in schools that have low self-esteem are the obsessed students. This is the feature that will bring some harmful to their academic performance. They are more likely to become subjects to the negative societal perception towards obesity. Some of them become objects of ridicule amongst their peers. They are most often teased and bullied for their weight. It affects their psychology drastically, and it will affect their educational achievements and also various other areas of their life.

It affects their social life as they tend to seclude themselves from their peers probably either because of in a bid to dodge ridicule or they have a negative self-image. This goes far ahead to affect their social life negatively in the adulthood stage.

An obese student is also found to have a decline in their cognitive ability which affects their school performance.

From the studies, one can see that childhood obesity does them no good at all. This rapid growth of childhood obesity can be mitigated. A combined healthy diet and physical activity can be highly effective in preventing obesity as well as overweight.

At home, parents should ensure that their wards are living a healthy lifestyle. They should be fed well-cooked natural and organic meals. Their children should not be fed with junks as this is the main contributing factor to the rise of obesity in kids. Adhering to these controlling measures will curb the tendency of a child getting pissed or overweight and improve his/her academic performance and well-being.


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20 Botanical Topics on Plants’ Spring Mood

lily of the valleySpring is a time for plants to renew and emerge, and for flowers to blossom. During this period, plants and flowers start becoming brighter. Everything just seems to possess a happier, vibrant, and more positive energy. All these differences are possible due to the available sunshine.

During spring, the nutrients needed for the growth of plants are often available in abundant quantity. Warmth, water, light, and compost or soil needed for the development of these plants and flowers are available. The growth conditions are also favorable.

Furthermore, the showery weather provides the needed amount of water. Longer days also indicate more daylight. The warmth from the sun will help raise the temperature of the air and that of the soil. Thus, making it more conducive to the growth and development of plants, trees, and flowers.

However, students often find it hard to come up with suitable botanical research topics on the mood of plants during spring. Nevertheless, this is a very important aspect of the school curriculum. As we approach the spring season, we take a look at some research topic ideas describing the mood of plants in spring, how they develop, what they need as well as the risks that face these plants.

  1. Bud?Burst and the Emergence of Spring Flower
  2. A Practical Guide to Spring Season Gardening
  3. Spring Gardening: Getting the Most out of Your Garden During Spring
  4. Plant Growing Selection: Choosing the Right Plant to Grow in Spring
  5. Advances in Plant Research: New Techniques to Achieve Sustainable Plant Productivity During Spring
  6. Get It Growing: Various Techniques Used by Plants to Determine When It’s Spring Season
  7. A Case Study of the Expected Changes During Spring
  8. Caring For Plants: How and When to Prune Your Flowering Plants
  9. Preparing for the Spring Season: How to Get Your Container Garden Ready
  10. A Detailed Planting Guide for Flower Bulbs During Spring Season
  11. Spring Landscaping: How Do You Prepare Your Home for This?
  12. Early Spring: What Are the Consequences on Plants?
  13. Mood of Plant During Spring: A Case Study
  14. Climate Warming: What Are the Physiological Effects on Flowering Plants
  15. Flower Pollination: What Impact Do Changes in Climate Have on This?
  16. Spring Planting: A Study Guide on Planting During the Spring Season
  17. Spring Plants: A Case Study on the Best and Worst Flowers for Gardeners
  18. Perennials for Season-Long Bloom: A Qualitative Study
  19. A Look at How to Meet the Needs of Your Flowers and Trees During Spring Flowering
  20. Impact of Global Warming on Spring Flowers

The spring season remains one of the best seasons for plants, flowers, and trees to flourish. Flowers begin to bloom, everything comes alive. Above are research topic ideas to give you clue on what to write in your botanical research paper aimed at the mood of plants during spring. Always ensure that you go for interesting topics that will not bore the reader.

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20 Nursing Topics When You Are Aimed at Mommies-to-Be

propose to pregnant womenNurses play a very important role in the healthcare delivery system of every society. They are responsible for assessing, monitoring, determining the needs of the patients, and preserving the health of the patient. In a situation whereby the provided primary care is futile, it becomes the responsibility of the nurse to devise another action plan.

The period of pregnancy is one of the most challenging, yet the loveliest time of the life of a pregnant mother. Being your first time, you may need professional help and consultations when it comes to navigating through the experiences and wonders that lie ahead during pregnancy.

However, it is often advisable for mommies-to-be to carry out more research about pregnancy-related topics including childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, caring for a baby, and what it feels like to be a first-time mom.

As an aspiring nurse, an important aspect of your education curriculum and nursing training is writing several research papers. However, students are usually uncertain when it comes to choosing a research topic in nursing. Below are some topic ideas that are aimed at mothers-to-be.

  1. Learning About the Baby: Everything You Need to Know as a New Mother
  2. A Qualitative Study on the Support Needs of Expectant Mothers
  3. A Qualitative Study on Understanding the Essential Benefits of Breastfeeding
  4. A Nursing Perspective on the Need for Psychological Assessment While Being Pregnant
  5. Nutrition for Breastfeeding and Pregnant Women: A Case Study
  6. First-Time Mothers: Factors Affecting Positive Childbirth Experiences
  7. Caring for The Mother: Meeting the Needs of Pregnant and Parenting Teens
  8. Infant, Maternal, and Child Health: A Qualitative Study
  9. Breastfeeding During Pregnancy: A Closer Look at the Safety
  10. Routine Counselling and Testing for Pregnant Women: How Important Is This?
  11. Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Tandem Nursing: Safe or Not?
  12. Dealing with Use of Substance During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
  13. Guidelines on Food and Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy
  14. Pregnant Women and Mothers: Understanding Their Wants and Needs
  15. Medications During Pregnancy: Are ADHD Medications Safe?
  16. Pregnancy and Education: Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students
  17. Risk Management During Pregnancy: A Guideline for New and Expectant Mothers on Risk Assessment and Management
  18. Aims and Objectives of Antenatal Care
  19. Adequate Infant Care: A Case Study on Caring for Infants
  20. A Detailed Insight on Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth is a life-changing experience that completely transforms you. As an expectant mother, it is important for you to be aware of how to deal with things that come your way. The above-mentioned research topic ideas will give you an idea of what to dedicate your nursing research paper aimed at mommies-to-be to.

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Stand Up to Bullying Day: 20 Topics on Bullying to Make the Audience Think

violence against womenBullying is a serious issue that has been in existence for some time now. Millions of children, teenagers, and students are affected by bullying. The physical and mental health issues caused by bullying have a resultant effect on both the kids who were bullied and their parents.

Fortunately, a lot of awareness continues to grow about the issue of bullying in different nations all over the world. We have an international STAND UP to Bullying Day. This is a special event when participants put on a signed ping “pledged shirt.” The entire program is aimed at taking a visible stand against bullying.

Students are usually confused when it comes to coming up with research topics about bullying. As we anticipate the STAND UP to Bullying Day on the 23d of February 2018, here are 20 topics on bullying that can give the audience something to think about.

  1. A Descriptive Study of Bullying at the Middle School Level
  2. Bullying as a Serious Issue: What Things Can Be Done to Identify and Prevent Bullying?
  3. Standing up for the Defenseless: What Protocols Can Be Put in Place to Help Support Kids Who Were Bullied
  4. Bullying and Technology: Explain the Impacts of Advancements in Technology on Bullying
  5. Discuss the Best Way to Convince Someone to Stop Bullying Their Colleagues
  6. Discuss the Resultant Impact of Constant Bullying on the Life of a Student
  7. Workplace Bullying: How Can Bullying Occur in a Workplace Environment? How Best Can It Be Handled?
  8. What Are the Challenges That May Come Your Way for Standing Up for Someone Who Is Bullied?
  9. Explain Possible Scenarios of Bullying in Everyday Life
  10. What Actions Can Be Carried out to Check the Act of Bullying?
  11. Effect of Cyberbullying: How Are Cyberbullies Making Life Hard for Those They Do Not See or Know?
  12. Where Does Bullying Occur the Most? In School? During Activities Outside the School?
  13. Bullying and Teasing: How Can You Differentiate Between These Two?
  14. Seeking Help: Who Should You Report to or Seek Help from When Being Bullied – A Teacher or an Adult?
  15. A Case Study of a Recognized Bully: Strategy and Practice Implications
  16. Bullying and Parenting: Is Bullying a Resultant Effect of Improper Parenting
  17. What Are the Best Ways of Dealing with Larger Issues of Child Bullying?
  18. Narrate a Case Study of Bullying and How It Was Successfully Resolved
  19. Prescribe Possible Measures That Can Be Taken to Counter Bullying
  20. Best Practices to Help Prevent and Address Bullying

Bullying is a good example of youth violence that pose a threat to the existence of young people. Several cases of bullying leading to physical injuries, educational problems, emotional, and social problems are witnessed within our immediate society every now and then. Listed above are some topics on bullying that will make your audience think for sure.

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Sample Essay on the Origin of Diets: Are They for Health or Figure?

vegetablesHere is a sample essay on diets. This sample essay is intended to give students an understanding of how their essay should be outlined.

Food has always been one of man’s basic needs. Even before civilization, before prehistoric man discovered the wonders of fire, hunting, and farming, they were the first gatherer of fruits, nuts, and seeds to eat for survival. This simple story shows that man ate for survival first, before anything else.

These days there are so many reasons for eating. Diets are based on religion, culture, social norms, food taboos, food fads and just about anything that can make men find an identity with food. This poses a big question that we hope to answer in this piece.

So what is the purpose of diets? Do we eat to stay healthy or eat to feel comfortable in our bodies?

The dictionary has about two distinct descriptions of diet. The first describes diet as food and drink an individual habitually eats, while the second describes diet as a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly to lose weight. These definitions show the two primary reasons people eat: for health or weight management.

We can see clearly that there is no specific answer to this question. It is difficult to say directly if a diet is for health or weight management. The simple reason because individuals define the reason why they eat or prefer a certain selection of food to the other.

However, history shows that the original intent of diet was to stay healthy and alive. Before the discovery of fire, people ate mostly raw foods that made them fall ill. When they discovered fire, they learned other things – the heat from the fire could be used to cook foods and preserve them. Fortunately, they discovered that cooked food tastes better.

The more enlightened and knowledgeable a man became, the better choices they made about food. Consequently, death tolls decreased and population expanded. For example, somewhere in the 18th century, vitamin C was discovered to prevent scurvy, and naval officers were encouraged to eat lots of citrus fruits and leaves to prevent scurvy.

However, as centuries went on, a visible shift was noticed in the purpose of food choices. People became more conscious of their body images and figures, and thereby, generated diets that were intended to make them shed or gain weight.

The 21st century is fraught with diets and food choices that no longer intend to improve health, but preserve societal perceptions of body images. The Ketogenic diet, alkaline diet, fruitarianism, and other forms of food fads are just a part of the spectrum. On the other end of the spectrum are eating disorders that disrupt physical and mental health. Disorders like bulimia and anorexia are examples of such extreme ends of the spectrum.

In conclusion, we want to take a stand with history and insist that diet was initially created for health purposes. This intent should be placed back into focus. This will go a long way in abolishing harmful and dangerous food practices and diets that are not only harmful to an individual’s health but also the society at large. After all, you are what you eat.


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  7. “You are what you eat.” The Phrase Finder 2017. https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/you-are-what-you-eat.html (5 December 2017).
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Sample Essay on Curious Christmas Traditions Around the World

merry christmasThis is a sample essay to encourage students to write engaging essays on winter holidays. So, if you do not know what to disclose in such a paper, grab these ideas.

Christmas is an annual festival celebrated on December 25th to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the most celebrated annual festival in the world, with billions celebrating it for religious or cultural reasons. Christmas traditions vary from country to country and are largely determined by the culture, value, and history of the people celebrating it. Christmas traditions could be religious if it is celebrated by Christians. Examples of traditions observed by Christians include: attending the Mass and church services, singing hymns, and giving alms to the poor.

Cultural Christmas traditions are observed by most non-Christian countries where Christmas is mostly celebrated for its cultural and societal values. These cultural traditions are diverse and differ from place to place. Also, because of its diversity, some of these cultural Christmas traditions may be strange, fetish or even curious.

Curious Christmas traditions can include mythical figures. For example, in Norway, household brooms are hidden on Christmas Eve to prevent witches from stealing them. Another curious Christmas tradition is seen in Austria where children are warned of Krampus, a devil that beat naughty children with branches. Another form of scary Christmas mythical figure is seen in Iceland where a mythical beast called the Yule Cat attacks anyone who isn’t given new clothes for Christmas. Furthermore, in Greece, the Kallikantzaroi, which are evil goblins said to emerge during the twelve days of Christmas to wreck the havoc.

There are also curious Christmas traditions that concern food. For example, in Catalonia, Christmas Eve is celebrated with a pooping log. In this celebration, a log is fed with sweets, fruits, and nuts as well as beaten with sticks on Christmas Eve to poop out the sweets. Another curious Christmas tradition about food can be seen in Greenland where raw whale skin, blubber, and the bird is eaten as a Christmas Delicacy. In Japan, there is an unusual order of KFC on Christmas Eve.

Christmas traditions can also include omens and signs. For example in the Czech Republic, women who are single throw a shoe behind their back. It is believed that if the shoe lands with its toe pointing towards the door, she is likely to get married the next year. In Great Britain, it is believed that if a person turns the Christmas pudding in a clockwise direction and makes a wish, the wish is likely to come true.

Christmas traditions also include community participation and festivals. In Bavaria, people celebrate Christmas by firing mortars into the air. In Finland, families celebrate Christmas by lighting candles and placing them on the graves of loved ones to remember them.

Curious Christmas traditions are mostly observed by non-Christians who celebrate Christmas for cultural and societal reasons. Most of these traditions stem from mythology, signs, omens, and beliefs about food. Also, these curious traditions add to the diversity of human life and make it more beautiful. Just as someone rightly said, “there is beauty in diversity.”


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