Food Essay Sample: Waffles – Genesis

waffles genesisIn case street food is one of the most significant perks of your city, you have an amazing opportunity to enjoy a little taste of Belgium that is called the waffles. Without having to go abroad, you can travel to the old Europe and lightly touch it with your fingertips. Even though a lot of people in the US have not the slightest idea where this small country actually is, they know it has given an amazing culinary gift to the world.
According to the researches, the waffles date from the times of the Middle Ages. That’s when St. Louis had decided to found the fraternity – ‘oubloiers’ – that sounds like ‘forgetters’ in French. They used two cast iron plates that were previously connected by hinges to make the biscuit. As a rule, those plates were decorated with various religious images and coat-of-arms inscriptions. Also, there was a wooden arm provided for a comfortable hold. Those waffles were sold near the church gates, on Sunday morning. The other days they used to sell them in the streets shouting about what kind of delicious stuff they had. In order to join the fraternity called ‘oubloiers’, the most suitable candidate was supposed to be able to make up to one thousand waffles a day. Continue reading

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2016: The Best Job Year for Grads

college graduateExperts say students have no good reason to get rid of the college mortar board anymore. At the moment, every young person has an opportunity to enjoy the hottest job market in decades for expected 1,9 million graduates, who are going to leave their alma maters soon. According to the recent researches done by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers are eager to hire near 5% more graduates this year than in 2015. Continue reading

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Admission Essay Topics: The Worst Possible Appeals to Sell Yourself

notebook and penA lot of students don’t take essay writing tasks seriously. It doesn’t matter what type of the essay you’re dealing with – persuasive, narrative or admission one. The assignment should be considered and completed professionally, with due attention and maximum efforts. When the matter concerns admission essay, your number one task is to choose the topic that will comply with the demands of the admission board. While picking the winning topic is a must, a lot of potential students tend to do the same old mistake – they give preference to the admission essay topics that brings disastrous results. The list of the topics that may harm your application can be endless, here are some of the most common:

  • Your Drug Addiction Experience
    Every college in the country can tell the story of students’ lives ruined by drugs. In case you’ve been on drugs in the past and did your best to get over it, make sure to never mention it in your admission essay since it’s not the best way to hook the college board attention.
  • Your Sexual Life
    Sex is a bad choice no matter what the essay type is. The point is that neither your professor, nor the members of the admission board care about who you sleep with. To add more, the essay about your sex adventures will definitely make a lot of your readers cry or…laugh. You do not want to write about something that embarrassing.
  • Your Run-Ins with the Law
    Many successful students can tell you about their rough times in jail. However, that’s not something to include in the admission essay. The members of the admission board exert every effort in order to provide a safe environment for every student within the campus community. That is why the very image of someone sitting in chains does not hook admission staff attention.
  • Traveling Summary
    Colleges prefer students, who have traveled a lot and had remarkable life-changing experiences on the road. That would make an interesting admission essay. But that’s a pretty common topic among potential students and they usually fail to handle it up to the college board expectations. In other words, your job is to do more than just describing the fact you’ve been here or there. A travel admission essay is a thorough analysis of a single and important experience that turned your life upside down, not a summary of how you’ve managed to travel from Germany to South Korea.
  • Saying Sorry for the Past Fails
    If you had a terrible semester during your last high school year, you may consider your admission essay a perfect way to explain what went wrong. Who knows, maybe you were sick, depressed or your best friend moved to a far-and-away land and left you feeling lonely and blue. You will try to stuff your paper with these pointless details, but you better don’t. Instead, approach a guidance counselor to write on your failures, or provide a short supplement attached to the application.

If you’ve been researching these matters and stumbled at our article by accident then hopefully this guide has helped to clarify the matter the best way possible. Don’t play off the admission essay topics that stem from your failures.

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Sample Essay: First Tesla Autopilot Death and Its Consequences

car gif
The world has faced the first fatal crash that involved an autopilot car. According to the information provided by a witness, the Tesla driver was in the middle of watching a well-known “Harry Potter” movie, when the accident happened in Florida.
Besides, he was driving so fast that somehow he managed to go so fast through the trailer that the truck driver Frank Baressi didn’t even see him.
The name of the deceased was Joshua Brown. The death of a man of 40 raises a bunch of further questions regarding the car crash in Williston that occurred when Mr. Brown put the car into the Tesla self-driving mode. The latter is known to control the vehicle when it’s driving on the highway. Continue reading

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The Meaning of Brexit for Europe: Sample Essay on European Union

brexit essay
Before the end of 2017, the citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain are required to make the final decision regarding whether their homeland remains the part of EU or…not. British voters have always been quite skeptical about European Union and being a part of it. However, this distrust has never been that sharp and about to grow into a real break free from the partnership.
Both the citizens and the UK lawmakers are pretty frustrated with how the things are going and hoping David Cameron will negotiate in a way that will let them set a new agreement with the consortium. In case the British leader fails to do so, the voters will get an excuse to make a decision that will let Britain exit.
One matter that has been pushing the Brexit issue is related to the immigration. For many years, a lot of polls have proved that immigration was on the top of the concerns list of UK people. Continue reading

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What You Didn’t Know About Academia: Advice for Freshmen Students

Freshmen Advice ListNothing is easy in our life and it is definitely true of academic education. Prosperous future career requires years of hard work, time and sleepless nights, which is always impossible without dedication and serious efforts. A lot of people go through college period and everyone feels excited, yet nervous while taking this step into adulthood. Some find it easy to start a new life, they simply go with the flow, adopt and move forward. Others find it difficult to get used to such changes and need help and advice. Below you can find our freshmen advice on how to survive a freshman year and convert intimidating days into the best ones of your life. Continue reading

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Essay Sample on Nikola Tesla and His Inventions

Nikola TeslaSerbian-American Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, in Croatia. Famous physicist and engineer is most known for his significant contributions to the area of modern alternating electricity system. Even though Nikola Tesla had died poor in 1943, both inventions and reputation of this man stand behind the modern popular culture resurgence, where Tesla is now being portrayed in various video games, films, music and so on. Let’s take a look at what this incredible man has given to us.
Nikola Tesla wasn’t the inventor of light, of course. However, he had really invented how this very light can be both – harnessed and distributed. In his laboratory, Tesla managed to develop and use a range of fluorescent bulbs some forty years before the scientists within this area actually ‘invented’ them. Continue reading

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Student Disbelief: Serious Doubts on the Importance of Education

useless-educationUnfortunately, only a third of students in the United Kingdom think they are provided with a ‘good value for the money’ they pay for the college or university course, as reported by the annual survey. 15 000 university students were the participants of what resulted to be a useless education survey. The latter proved that all perceptions of ‘great value for the money’ have gone from 53% in 2012 to 37%. According to the Student Academic Experience Survey conducted by the Higher Education Policy Institute, a gap between the 100% satisfaction with the academic courses and the low levels of it among the students is huge. Continue reading

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20 Psychology Topics for a Compelling and Interesting Paper

pen on notepadCollege years are the most memorable ones. This is when you study hard, learn a lot of new things and reveal your talents. Here we face new challenges, make acquaintances and do a lot of homework. It’s no doubt that everyone had encountered a task of writing essays or other papers during student years. Some people find it interesting and captivating to write essays and research papers on any topic. Others find it so difficult and painful, that they would rather read all Moby Dick volumes by Herman Melville than doing this. Even in one week.
The pen itself and the ability to communicate and think well don’t necessarily make anyone a talented writer. But thorough preparation and perfectly chosen topic will convert the writing process into a real enjoyment for you . It is very important to find the right topic. the one which you will find entertaining, pleasing and thought-provoking. It has to be a real food for thought that will impress not just your groupmates, but professors as well. Below you can find the list of topics that can help you with making a right choice. Continue reading

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Essay Sample on Memory and Exercise

mother and child physical activityAre you dreaming about a sharper memory? Turn the laptop off and lace your sneakers up. Wait up, make sure to finish reading! The latest studies prove that physical exercises can improve your memory greatly. According to the researches, regular exercises tend to boost blood flow to human brain part that is responsible for memory, even individuals in a pretty bad shape. As revealed by the study performed by the specialist of the University of British Columbia, regular aerobic exercises (the ones that make your sweat glands and heart pump) boost the hippocampus size – the area in brain that is involved in learning and verbal memory. At the same time, muscle toning and desistance training don’t bring the same results.

During regular exercises, nerve cells tend to release proteins that are called ‘neurotrophic factors.’ For instance, one of them is known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF. It is triggering a great number of the other chemicals that keep up the neural health, as well as benefiting a range of cognitive functions, such as learning.

Remember, the intensity level of your exercises makes a difference as well. According to the study in Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, the individuals learned various vocabulary words 20% faster after a course of intense work-out. At the same time, low-intensity activities did not have the effect mentioned above. The individuals, who gave their preference to the exercises that were more demanding, turned out to have a bigger spike in the BDNF level of their brain, epinephrine and dopamine. In other words, the more you tend to challenge your body, the more benefits you will provide for your gray matter. Continue reading

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