20 Topics on Alcohol Abuse and How It Concerns College Students around the World

studentDid you know that every year 80 000 people die because of alcohol, and it’s only within the territory of the USA? Due to this number, alcohol is the 3rd cause of death that can be prevented. And the statistics also show that students are the age group that suffers from this substance the most.

Alcohol abuse is an extensive problem because it disrupts the social life of the young learners, their studies, and undermines their health. That’s why it is so essential to raise the awareness about the issue by writing essays on this topic. This way, you will learn much more about the problem and will be able to operate with the facts and numbers. What is more, under the impression, you will discuss the alcohol abuse with your friends and the word will spread. And to make it easier for you, we’ve come up with 20 topics on this issue so that you could choose any title within minutes instead of surfing the Internet in search of a suitable subject for hours. Look through them and pick the one that draws your attention the most.

  1. How Does Alcohol Abuse Influence the Academic Performance of Students?
  2. An Obligation to Drink: Alcohol as a Ritual and Means to Fit in
  3. Social Pressure and Expectations as the Main Reasons for Binge Drinking
  4. The Death Circumstances and Situations Related to Alcohol Abuse
  5. Why Do Young People Become Aggressive When They Are Under the Influence?
  6. The Rate of Sexual Assaults Connected with the Alcohol Misuse
  7. Suicide Attempts, Injuries and Other Consequences of the Alcohol Use Disorder
  8. The Problems of Implementation of the Underage Drinking Laws
  9. Student Groups That Are the Most Vulnerable and Susceptible to Binge Drinking
  10. Prevention Methods Taken by the College Administrations to Reduce the Impact of the Alcohol Abuse
  11. Which Alcohol Drinks Do Students Consume the Most and Can This Knowledge Help Solve the Problem?
  12. The Most Widespread Place of Tasting Alcohol for the 1st Time Is Home
  13. How Does Early Consumption of Alcohol Can Impact the Brain Development?
  14. Resources for Students That Support Sobriety: Where to Find Them and How to Popularize Them
  15. Which Rules Campuses Implement to Regulate the Alcohol Consumption by Students
  16. The Comparison of the Academic Progress of Students Who Don’t Drink and the Ones Who Have AUD
  17. Vandalism as One of the Major Consequences of Binge Drinking and Big Problem for Campuses
  18. How the Place Where Students Live Influences the Amount of Alcohol They Consume
  19. The First Signs of the AUD: Early Diagnose Will Prevent Many Health Issues
  20. Standard Drinking for Students and How Not to Overstep Them

Write academic essays that really matter – with these topics, you will be able to spread information that could save someone’s life! So, stop looking for worthy subjects because they are all here, waiting for you!

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